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PMP Certification Is Now Within Your Grasp!

Watch This 10 Minute Video To See How
YOU Can Gain PMP Certification:

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PMP Fundamentals

Many folks fail to achieve their own full potential because they don’t set themselves goals. Others drop the baton because they don’t draw up an implementation plan.

But the biggie for me, is failing to take the FIRST STEP. The old saying “how do you eat an elephant?” is answered by “one mouthful at a time”. Now, I don’t recommend you actually eat these magnificent animals, but the analogy is a good one…

Take improving your project management career as an example. No, not asking the boss for a raise, but getting the best education you can – and that means becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP). Just think how those letters after your name would make you feel?

But you’ve got to take the plunge and put aside time to study in the first place. And I’m talking about real commitment here, not just ‘best efforts’

So what’s the first step you ask? Well, it’s investing in a training program.

Stay with me here…

You’re thinking, how do I know if it’s a good PMP training program – what if I don’t like the materials? What if the instructor can’t teach? and a million other reasons why you are still procrastinating (I’m assuming here that you have the usual human foibles like the rest of us do!)

Fear not, for I am giving you a FREE one hour Video Module from my world-beating PMP Primer course. That’s right, you don’t have to buy anything or pay anything. I’m so confident that you’ll love it and want to get the rest of them that I’m willing to give you a free lunch…

CLICK HERE to get your FREE PMP Video download, just scroll down the page and enter your details.

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The most expensive way to prepare for PMP?

As you might imagine, I get a lot of emails on various aspects of project management training, and in particular, stuff for preparing for the PMP exam.cheap free and best project management tips

I remember back in the 1980’s or so, local newsagents had many regular monthly magazines on some specialist topic or another. For example, gardening, sewing, model making, collectors stuff, and so on. Each month customers would shell out hard cash….fast forward many months later, and they found out that they have paid several hundred pounds on a topic that could have been purchased in a bookstore for a tenth of the price!

Now price is not everything I know, and I’m sure they got lots of enjoyment and anticipation waiting for the next installment…but… take preparing for your PMP exam as an example. I got this in my inbox this morning:

 The “Project Scope Management (PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition-aligned)” training bundle consists of the following three courses:

  •  Project Requirements and Defining Scope
  •  Create Work Breakdown Structure
  •  Monitoring and Controlling Project Scope

Online Access (Single User) : EUR 175


This covers just one of my 21 PMP Video Modules, and doesn’t even include practice exam questions and answers (like mine does).

Now 175 Euros is around £158 or $250 USD – which puts the total cost of this training up around the $5000 USD mark… It seems a tad expensive to me, so what if you could get the whole $5000 course for say just $92 USD – that’s £57 GBP.

What’s more, YOU can download it immediately –  to find out more, just jump on over to HERE


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Study In Your Own Time For The PMBoK PMP Exam

For more information CLICK HERE

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My PMP Primer Hits The Streets!

Paint Me Happy!

Today I have just released my Brand New PMP Primer – the world’s first entirely downloadable PMP training course. It comes complete with a phenomenal 21- Module Video Reference Library, with an amazing 289 exercises….

But it gets better, my PMP Primer contains 360 PMP exam questions AND answers all on an entertaining PowerPoint Slide Show – betcha can’t put it down…

Right now, I’m offering it to my subscribers for an amazing $127 (about £78). When you consider that less effective PMP ‘training’ is charging over $600…hmm, tough choice Eh?

It has taken me since last summer to carefully sculpt and create this PMP training product, and I was determined not to release it until it was as good as I could make it.

And I can tell you I am exhausted – but with a big smile on my face, because I am over the moon with the quality and content of this, my latest Primer.

The downloadable videos have been recorded in High Quality 800 by 600 MPEG-4 video files, and they will look sweet on your PC, Notebook, or even iPod…

As is usual, I have broken down the complex 2011 PM Body of Knowledge Syllabus in Easy Step-By-Step Bite Sized Chunks, so you can absorb the training at a time and place that suits you – no classroom cramming over an intensive 5 days away from the office (while you’re STILL spending the hotel evenings trying to run your project and the office!)

I’m pleased to put my name to this, my brand new PMP Primer, and it will help YOU enormously on your path to become a Project Management Professional.


Check it out HERE 


The Most Important Certification for A Project Manager

So How Do You Intend To Boost Your Project Management Career In 2011?

By growing your project management skills and experience in the workplace of course, but did you know that it’s your qualifications that play an increasingly important part in promotion opportunities or when applying for a new position? If you don’t want to miss out, you will want to read on for my vital and helpful information…




Now, I have given this serious thought too, and for that reason, I am hard at work developing a radical approach to helping the project management community, (and those who wish to move into that career) – a world-first on-line downloadable video training course to prepare for the PMI’s Project Management Professional exam…

Now, don’t just take my word for it, check out what PMI says on their website:

“PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP® demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to successfully lead and direct projects.

This recognition is seen through increased marketability to employers and higher salary; according to the PMI Salary Survey – Sixth Edition, a PMP increases your salary up to 10% more than your non-credentialed colleagues and peers.”

Now, that is Good News – so you need to keep a close eye on my new PMP website, and watch out for my latest release date for my brand new PMP Primer. Oh yes, and I’ll be offering the first 100 copies at a rather special price – so CLICK HERE for details…

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Study and pass the PMP exam online

COMING SOON – The world’s first 100% online study aid for the PMP Exam.

As I write, I am close to completing my study material for the PMP exam and I’m really stoked as to how it is all coming….

Here are a few screen shots of the dynamic full-motion PowerPoint Slide set that the downloadable video Modules will be based against:





















This will meet the full and latest syllabus when I release it at the end of January 2011

Keep an eye out on:


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do I write a blog, a vlog, a clog, a slog?

Late last night, as an awesome Thunder and Lightening storm swept through the Pego valley I was sitting out watching it bang and crash while trying to chart my new digital life.

dave litten diaryIt's been a week since Nick relaunched this Website and the concept of blogging, vlogging and just plain being active on-line is a new one. My mind is definitely working overtime with all the new ideas that Nick spent pressing home.

It's also something that is sometimes hard to focus on with so many other things to work on.  😉

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