December 15

A smashing time on my birthday?


A smashing time on my birthday?


So it’s ten days to Christmas, and this incident happened in July this year, just one day before my birthday…

As I got older, I have tried to keep in reasonable health, mainly by walking around my Spanish hillside villa and being a devotee of the Keto diet. Then I fell from grace.

hip replacement

It was early, just light, when I let my dogs out for their morning ablutions.

See, I’ve had a bit of knee trouble since a car accident, and it chose that moment to have a momentary collapse, which took me tumbling down a flight of stone steps onto my patio below.

I landed on my left hip, and it shattered into many pieces.

Here’s the scene of the crime:


Unbelievable pain. Eight days in hospital.

Back then I was bed/ridden, relying on my wife for everything. Getting and going to the bathroom is a truly humbling and embarrassing experience.

Here I am, sixteen weeks later. I can stumble around on my own now, but my balance and confidence is dodgy. Unknown to me, but the trauma had been slowly raising my blood pressure.

Then I started getting bad nosebleeds. Yep, my blood pressure was showing 200/115. After an emergency trip to the hospital again, I’m on meds for 30 days, these will take me into mid-January 2024


Take action, Dave – that’s what project managers do.

Back in my 30s, I was in great shape. I joined an army gym in Aldershot.

No fancy running machines (“If you wanna run, go outside”) said my drill instructor/coach, “we do strength, resistance and muscle building”.

So I did 5-mile power walks to and from the gym thrice weekly.

SIGH. Those were the days, but right now I need to change my diet, health and lifestyle.

It’s not so easy when you are at your PC eight hours a day making and editing project management training videos. And the wrong side of retirement age, too.

So I dug out a load of info in my bookshelves, scoured my memory banks and got myself onto a mini-get-healthy regime.


Good, ‘cuz I have put together a whole bunch of great ideas to use your desk/cubicle as the temple of health … and there’s no need to break your hip first!

It’s free and called Health Tips for Corporate Project Managers in 2024


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