About Me

I believe in challenging the current way that project management training is delivered and providing others with an independent financial lifestyle

Who is Dave Litten?

For several decades, I've been lucky to be a leading educator in online management training, an outspoken advocate of personal liberty and growth, and the Number One Project Management Online Trainer in Europe... Number 1 in my own brain anyway ;)

As an Accredited Project Management Trainer and Coach, I indulge my other passion - helping folks to use the internet as a source of regular income.

This websites contain popular articles and great management content, plus free downloads of valuable project management and self help-related information.

Dave Litten

I have a home in Laguna, Philippines, plus a hillside villa in Spain where I live with my wife Jude, and Brittany Spaniel Rango.

My mission is to provide world-class education, delivered in streaming videos and downloadable tools and documentation.

I am CEO and Co-Founder of the Projex Academy - the premier online training resource for Project Managers, and wannabe Project managers, worldwide.


The Projex Academy's Video Training Systems are beautifully designed, simple to absorb in easy steps, and streamed online direct to you anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

All of our courses are focused on taking complex ideas and makes them easy to learn and absorb in simple bite-sized steps. It’s a place where you can learn how to gain key qualifications, and learn the best management tools and techniques you need to grow and advance your career. We've been helping his students grow their skills, careers and financial income for over two decades

The Projex Academy - an online Membership website for all thing Project Management and Various online training streams.

How The Projex Academy Does It

It started with a simple idea and became something so much bigger. We took traditional classroom-style, boring bullet-driven training and developed our own unique house style of dynamic graphic-driven presentations. 

The Projex Academy offers lifetime and instant access to all course material and free lessons in one place, accessible using any device, from anywhere, at any time you want. Bookmark www.projex.com/courses and keep an eye on our new and growing range of exciting training products, plus real-world management tools and methods.

With thousands of customers in 68 countries around the globe, it has become one of the world’s most trusted online training suppliers sharing the best knowledge, tips, and techniques of what works in the project management arena.

Maybe you and I can work together at some point - DO keep in touch!

Dave Litten