January 26

Bankers Have Put You In Jail – For Life



It has been some time since I saw something on the internet or received something via it that has any real importance…

…and I thought my reading of The God Delusion was life-changing…

I watched this video – and even missed a meal, it was so compelling — but only for those of us that truly think.

If you are skateboarding your way across life — please stop reading.

Yes, it’s about the money system and supply.

It makes tough listening and watching, as you chew and swallow your way through the concrete of deception.

NO, it’s not about the current Recession, although you may come to see that things such as recessions are caused by this conspiracy of betrayal.

If this bores the crap out of you, or you think you know already, or you have better things to do…..Goodnight.

I know, the video is a little long (in today’s world of instant demand / satisfaction), but I think you’ll agree afterwards that the 40 or so minutes it takes to watch was well worth it.

He could have made it shorter, but to do so would have left out important information.

You will be spellbound…

No, that’s not the right words or emotion…

I felt betrayed. So Should You.

What was shocking, were the quotes from key banking names — almost laughing…

For those of you brave enough to watch this video — your thoughts and perceptions of the world we are currently caught up in — will change forever.

And I’m not being melodramatic.

If someone doesn’t start screaming soon, then I will…

There is one way to beat them – Join Them!

Do this by making your own money supply (quite legally of course!)

Hop on over HERE to find out how …

Bankers Have Put You In Jail - For Life 1


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