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Creating downloadable products for the internet


Creating downloadable products for the internet 1I’m a product creator, but not necessarily in the way you are thinking right now. I just use information and knowledge that I have built up over the years. I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. So are you.

Except I just tap into this information baggage we have all picked up on our varied journeys through life, and offer it to others.

Sometimes for free, often for money.

I have a simple and vital rule, and that is, each product must a have a value that far exceeds it’s cost. Here’s a simple example:

I happened to make training videos, many of which use PowerPoint slides and an application called Camtasia. So AS A RESULT of having to learn and use them, I’ve become a mini-expert of how to do that.

There are millions of folks on this planet that would also like to create online training videos, so there must be millions of folks who would like a simple, easy to use video of how to create videos….

What life skills have you picked up that could be of value to others?

Make a list. Bet you’ll be surprised…

For starters:

  • What hobbies have you had (or would have liked to have)
  • What job skills have you picked up over your career?
  • What problems have you learned to fix? (home or at work)
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What topics would you like to learn more on (from books/internet)?
  • What have you helped others do?

There are nearly 4.5 Billion (4,500,000,000) people on line right now – do you think you could find 100 of them that are looking for a solution on any one of the above bullets – that you ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO?
So if I showed you how to sell a, say, 30 ebook on that topic….you just made 3,000…

Want to find out more? Hop on over HERE!

Creating downloadable products for the internet 2


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