December 6

Flexible Thinking


I just got back from a meal in an Italian Restaurant in Swindon. It was okay. The service was better than the food….

It was owned by a guy who is just about hanging on by his financial fingernails.

A perfect example of a local business person trying their best to survive. I sparked off from him the second he showed me to my seat. His waiter had not turned up, and he was keeping the flag flying….

I got my brandy in a Whisky glass – no big problem. The first botle of wine was sour – the second (which he didn’t charge me for, was smooth…)

We got chatting, and we both told of our backgrounds. Turns out he is wanting to do different things…

I said that the Internet was a possibility for him to make some money in these difficult times. What he replied made me smile and give a boost to the human race – that’s you. No, he’s not a multi-millionaire….

He bought up a stock of used FIREDOORS, and sold them online to businesses and made a decent profit. Put the darned things up on Ebay.

How do you get the link between an Italian restaurant to firedoors?

I’ve no idea, but it’s a great example of thinking outside the box. But it shows more than that. In an unstable world – there’s always a market for something.

I can remember an earlier boss of mine who that said the Second World War in the UK made him vital income – money – he bought cars from folks who couldn’t get petrol, and selling them to folks who could. And that was in an environment where 1000’s of poor folks were loosing their lives…

If you are worried about your financial future, would you pay precious money to find a way that would keep the roof over your head?

Of course you would. You’d sell yer granny…..That’s The Business I’m Moving Into.

It’s as old as Egypt’s Pharos …

If you have a product that others want — you’ll certainly make some money.

But if you have a product that lets OTHER People Make Money – then you are already financial independant.

You just don’t know it yet.┬áIt’s the Online Secret That Now One Dare’s Whispers Its Name…

You really should want to learn more about this, and I show you how I do it HERE!

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