April 5

Having trouble remembering peoples names?


Okay, so I’m in a reflective mood – in particular thinking about the soft skills of management. No, not team building or leadership – something more fundamental.

Having trouble remembering peoples names? 1What triggered this blog, was having a business meeting with a business project partner tonight. You see, he has a photographic memory – yeah, I know, how many times have you heard that phrase – but it’s true in Darren’s case. He really is amazing. His skills are built-in. The rest of us have to struggle.

But I remember some 10 years ago, I was watching a programme on TV that featured memory skills – but went a step further than the usual techniques you may have already heard of…

Now I tried some of these, and although would not call myself a ‘memory man’ by any measure, I did find that they worked – spooky Eh?!

So try this if you dare:-

Think of a part of your house that you are VERY familiar with – it might be your hallway or your kitchen for example. Maybe even your office space. Whatever.

Now concentrate. I want you to initially close your eyes and remember particular features/objects of that area. If it’s your hallway, enter by the front door, and LOOK to your left to your left and right – what do you see?

Pick out particular items – the hall mirror, the picture by the stairs, the cupboard, the ornament…etc….find about 10 or 12 objects that you are VERY familiar with. Got Them?

The human brain is a powerful database isn’t it? See how vividly you have remembered these familiar objects?

Okay, so here’s the transition you have been waiting for…

Suppose, you are meeting several new clients and you are introduced to them one at a time. Suppose the first name is Bob. Think of the first object as you walk in your front door – lets say it is a mirror. In an instant, relate Bob in some way with that mirror – perhaps see yourself ‘bobbing down’ to avoid your reflection.Having trouble remembering peoples names? 2

Job Done. Because you have ‘tied’ Bob with that familiar object – when you see him again you see yourself ‘bobbing down’ and remember his name – instantly.

The more humorous or stupid (or even rude) you can make the analogy, the easier you will remember him. Does this take practice? Of course!

But try it – and prepare to be amazed at yourself…meeting clients, seminars and parties will be so much more fun after this.

Oh yes. And in case you’re thinking that rembering a person from an ‘analogous thought’ is common knowledge – because you have made the tie between a familiar relationship – such as your kitchen, bedroom, etc – the results are FAR more powerful…

But what about building your project management skills?

You really don’t want to prepare for your next exam with the large amount of material to understand and remember?

Don’t worry, we at Projex Academy got you covered – just breeze over HERE and check out our easy, step-by-step video graphic-rich training…see, we’ve done all the imagining for you!


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