August 4

Ready, Fire, Aim


Ready, Fire, Aim 1

I’m reading a great book I ordered from the USA. It’s called ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’. I didn’t order it by accident, I found out one of my fellow online gurus, Michael Masterson just had it published.

This guy is a multi-millionarie genius.

I’ve had the privilege to meet him twice, and darn it he is sooo smart. He isn’t educated, didn’t go to Harvard, and came from a simple background. Yet he bristles with hard-core business money-making talent.

Ready, Fire, Aim is his approach to taking any unsuccessful business and transforming them into hugely profitable enterprises. He does exactly the same with new startups.

Clever Guy.

I always pick up new insights, tools and techniques whenever I listen, watch or read what he says. Anyone who went from zero to $100 Million in no time flat gets my attention, and it should get yours too.

Am I a millionaire? Nope. Nothing Like.

Have I created a small regular side income working from home? Yep.

I bank a few thousand Euros each month from it.

I call it being Financially Independent. Not Rich – But No Worries Either.

Worth five minutes of your time to learn more? Hop on over HERE!

Ready, Fire, Aim 2


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