December 6

Spelling – Grammar – Communication


Don’t Get Me Started.

Too Late.

My daughter just sent me an email – full of There, Their, hes, theys … get the picture….

Who was that lady who wrote “Eats Shoots And Leaves” – Lynne Truss I think. Probably misspelt her name too.

I’m dyslexic, so’s my daughter. I was top of my class at school, went on to get an Honours degree — must have some intellegence then???

Not common sense though. Lots of incomplete sentences, contractions, you name it – I’m guilty. Yet Lynn struck a chord.

Mrs Harris (Junior School), had the audacity to quote “those who spell words one way have very small minds” Yeah – she said that back in the 50’s

God Bless Her.

I can’t/don’t text. Hate this “u” stuff. But I understand what the sentence is conveying. So is it so bad after all?

Here is what I regret sending to my daughter…..


Oh my gosh!! Your ALIVE!!!



You are alive.

Whenever performing a “contraction” (shortening) of a short phrase – this might help.

You (a)re alive —- so put an apostrophe to replace the ‘a’ = You’re ALIVE!!!

So, “we are expecting you” would become  “we’re expecting you”

and ” do not bother me” = “don’t bother me” (here, the apostrophe simply replaces the “o” in not)

and ” that will do” = “that’ll do” (here, the apostrophe simply replaces the “wi” in will)

and “I am so happy” = “I’m so happy” ( you get the idea…) etc,

However, when you refer to “your” as in the possesive sense (talking about the other person), then it is simply “here is your coat

(imagine saying “here is you’re coat” = nonsense = “here is you are coat”)

Te He….

simple ain’t it …


…and now you know the secret (that wasn’t so hard was it?)

Look out for others….they’ll all be making the same mistake as you used to…and you can correct them too…

Love Pa xx

What planet was I on?

My darling daughter communicated with me. And I responded with an english lesson?

Her reply was not in language I’ll repeat here – but was well deserved….

No fool like an old fool eh?

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