November 30

Trapped By Expectations


I stand on the shoulders of giants.

We humans seem to be driven by keeping our “truths” at the expense of learning the truth.

Me Too.

But I’m open to learning.

Take religion, my sister is a devout “xxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxx”, and whenever we discuss this, it ends up with “Well it’s my faith”. I respect her for that, yet see it is also the very thing that stops her from reaching her full potential while on earth.

If faith means “belief without proof” then we are screwed.

To losely-quote great thinkers before me (take a bow Bertrand), if I believe there is a tea-pot circling the earth – and you have not discovered it – the reason is , you were looking in the wrong places!”

What joy.

You may conclude that I am a non-supporter of any organised religion.

I have just had a drink in the bar of the hotel where I am staying (that’s my weakness too!), and the bar staff were glued to a popular UK soap on the TV.

In that instant, they were living their lives by the fantasy that played on-screen. Hey, it is more safer than hard drugs!

But probably is just as responsible for slowing humans from reaching their full potential.

Grown men (usually) are passionate about their football team — a bunch of multi-millionaires who are really in the “money-making business”. And the fans keep themselves trapped in mediocrety – while the players move their lives to optimise their existence on the planet…David Beckham will not spend a single moment worrying about UK fans who can’t pay their mortgage right now……nor will his rich wife…..

Readers of “Hello” magazine – please keep buying it and putting £1000’s into these mega stars social moments…

Here is my point.

Whether there is a God or not – I only have an opinion. Whether the soap is adding to their lives – I only have an opinion.

Whether you “religiously” read your favourite Newspaper, and get emotional on the opinions presented – I only have an opinion.

Whether you watch the evening news on your favourite program – and see it as a balanced view – I only have an opinion.

If you are passionate that a political party has all the answers – I only have an opinion.

We are creatures of habit. And in this communication-rich world of ours we are bombarded by a sea of opinions. It is easy to see why we are biased. And these biases are constantly being added to, re-enforced if you will….

As we reach a ‘mature’ age (whatever you think that is…), we are the subject of the sum of all the ‘input’ we have received over our lifetimes.

It has NOTHING to do with our “real” opinions. Fatally – not the real answers.

That’s why young men have killed hundreds of innocent victims as they have in Mumbai.

Simple Answer. Don’t have one. Be open to Changing Your Mind.

Listen – without aching to insert a ‘yes but’

But I’ll tell you this, the main sources of our “world-opinion” are slowly morphed into our conscience by a variety of sources:

  • Parents
  • Local Area Culture
  • Religions
  • Friends
  • Social Environment
  • Political Parties
  • Local Government
  • Social Pressures
  • Newspapers
  • TV
  • Magazines
  • Internet
  • etc……….

All are given by people who “know” the truth.

People we trust and are seen as experts.

The school-teachers I had were mediocre by any standards – yet I was brought up to respect them. It took me a lifetime to gradually realise – they were only giving an opinion….

Including me – the author of this blog….

Be careful who you let into your life.

Stop voting (it only encourages politicians)

Stop reading newspapers (it only encourages them to colour and bias what you believe)

Don’t assume there is a God. Treat fellow humans with respect – not out of fear, or a better “after life” — but because you value and love yourself and your short life on this wonderful planet.

It is no accident that the world’s wealth gravitate to a select few – call it natural selection if you will. Apart from your family, friends, neighbours, relatives, peers, colleagues, etc – everyone else that has an impact on your life is after two things – POWER AND INFLUENCE.

If you don’t grant them that by laying down and believing in them – THEY ARE POWERLESS – You Now Have The Power To Enrich Your Own Life.

Good Luck. I’m Still Practicing.

Amen To That.

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