December 8

The Untapped Income Inside Your Head!


As I write on this bright Monday morning, I’m sitting here in a training seminar. Fact is, I’m coaching a newbie and he needs to practice. He’s presenting up to tuesday lunchtime then I’m taking over for the rest of the week.

Okay, so here I am listening while typing. What’s that? I should be concentrating on him full time you say?

Well — NO actually. One of the skills of coaching is actually letting go. Letting the other person make a few mistakes and learn from them. Just be there to bring them back on track if needed — and give feedback of course.

You see, children and adults learn by doing, it’s hard-wired into our brain. I want him to feel a little nervous, make small errors, have a blank moment every now and then, forget the odd fact or three, and make the ocassional goof.

Every bone in my body is screaming “butt-in, tell him where he’s going wrong, spoon feed him, etc”. And end up with a puppet instead of a trainer…

Which brings me to the point of this blog entry.

I’m the wrong side of 60 years old, and at a point in my life where (as a younger man), I expected to be taking it easy…

But the reverse is true — I’m ON FIRE!!

Even if I’d have just stood on street corners, I’d have absorbed masses of Life-Skills. As it was, I’ve hoovered up masses of data in the form of:


The glue that binds our society together in fact…

I promise you — inside your head — right now– is a goldmine of information.

You Will Now Want To Do This…

Grab three sheets of paper and put the headings above at the top of each.

Write down all the knowledge and skills you have gained, start from School days – not just acedamic stuff – life skills and stuff No matter how trivial – write it all down.

Keep going ’till you’re exhausted! Did you learn to cook, fix stuff, build stuff, make stuff, invent stuff? Throw in all your hobbies.

Then using each of those, write down the Experience you gained by APPLYING each of them.

My wife Jude spent some time training as a midwife in the Philippines. She saw stuff, watched stuff, experienced stuff that you and I could never imagine.

I’ll bet there’s a Self-Help Book For Nervious New Mums-To-Be inside her brain right now!

The population of the world right now is  just over 6.721 billion!!!

Now let’s see. What if you happened to have some experience in say, growing your own vegetables, servicing your car, home electrics, plumbing, etc, and you felt you could write a 40-page ebook on the subject.

In these tough times saving money by growing their own vegetables, might be on many folks minds.

What’s that? You could’nt write 40 pages? But could you come up with say, 10 headings of the major topics you want to write about? (these will be your Chapters).

Then come up with say, 5 major headings within each topic?

Then write a paragraph or so on each?

I’ll bet you’ve got yourself a 40 page ebook already!!!

In fact right now, Google says 355,000 folks are searching for growing your own vegetables for example. And 14,800 searched that phrase last month …

Okay, here is my point.

Do you reckon you could attract a measly 1% of the folks above? Me too. Say you could sell 148 copies per month selling for a measly $9.97 or such?

Or maybe give the ebook away for free, and collect their email addresses for an upsell later on? But I digress.

You’ve just made nearly $1,500 in a month. All set up on the Internet selling on auto-pilot. Once it’s set up, you can rinse and repeat.

Could you then create and sell another 5 topics? That’s $7500 a month. Around 5800 Euros a month. Around £5000 if you live in the UK. That sounds like a salary of £60,000 a year.

Is it just as easy as throwing together a quick ebook, chucking it up online and watching the money roll in?

Of course not.

But many of my colleagues are making more than that because they treated it like a business — putting time and effort in upfront.

But the “Business Model” is superb. Low Risk. Low money up-front. Just an investment of your time.

You need a few Secrets to wind-up the Business Model and a few pointers as to the mistakes others make – so you won’t make ’em — and you’re off…

If you can use the Internet, create a WORD Document, create emails, and are prepared to invest a little time upfront – then you’re good to go as a starting point!

Beats the heck out of investing $100,000 in a pizza franchise and working 24/7 just to make ends meet.

Interested in finding out more?

Learn from a guy (me) that makes around 6,000 a month via the internet while living halfway up a mountain in Spain.

Hop on over HERE for more details…

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