August 21

Can 25 Million Project Managers Be Wrong?


So it’s Sunday morning, I’m waiting for the coffee to perculate, and I’m fooling around with Google…

It just so happens that I’m starting to assemble the bare bones of what will become my latest Masterclass product – Microsoft Project 2010…I’m grabing graphic shots of MS Project in action, I’m writing a case study, designing PowerPoint Slides, authoring the detailed Workbook, building in a project management 101, I’m…well, Getting Excited!

See, I have been using MS Project since around version 2.0 way back in the late ’80’s. I thought it was a good app even then, because even though the competition was often more powerful, they were complex and difficult to use. Back then PM’s often needed a support office to run such software, but times have changed in my opinion.

MS Project 2010 is the ‘must-have’ app for ALL project managers, from ‘just-starting novice’ to an ‘in the trenches’ pro. Check out the powerful features of the latest 2010 incarnation. I know you’ll agree with me that it is a powerful and intuitive PM app, with a brand-new sleek user interface that fits right in with the rest of the MS Office suite. Working with it will be like shaking hands with an old friend.

I’m willing to bet that if you don’t like MS Project 2010, it’s because you don’t understand how it thinks and works. How can I be so sure?

Well, I ran hundreds of MS Project training courses from the  ’90’s and on into the 2000’s, and I reckon I know as much as anyone about how to teach it, how to help you learn it, but most important of all, I can teach you how to apply it.

I’ve given thousands of dollars worth of consultation to large multinationals advising and demonstrating how to embed the MS Project tool in their organizations. I can talk the talk and walk the walk.

I’m seeing a huge market of project managers who need to implement more detailed, realistic, and  achievable plans in order to get better control of their projects. For small projects some folks are still using Excel as a sort of graphic spreadsheet in place of a proper planning tool. Trouble is, they are all hand-cranked, with the upshot that forecasting and resourcing is a hit and miss affair because the thing is not inter-active…

Frankly, if you shop around, you can get the latest MS Project Professional for around a hundred bucks (I paid $75 for mine and had it shipped from Hong Kong!). So even if your organization is not prepared to stump up the cash – it’s a no-brainer that you should grab yourself a copy…

But back to why I’m excited.

See, I found out that around 25 Million of you are ‘googling’ for ‘MS Project 2010’, and a further 3.6 Million of you are searching for ‘MS Project 2010 tutorial‘ – and that’s an awful lot of hungry minds that need feeding. In the last month alone nearly 10,000 of you searched for that term!

Grab your copy HERE!

I’ve been burning the midnight oil and got my Microsoft Project 2010 Masterclass advanced training on the interweb streets – pronto!

Onwards and Upwards.


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