May 4, 2015

David Litten

by Dave

Making It Easy: David Litten Accelerates Rookie Project Managers Careers Into Financially Independent Lifestyles

dave litten
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David Litten’s proprietary Project Management Mastery system puts a priority on video-based, step-by-step management life-changing training, and his clients are reaping the rewards.

Europe’s No. 1 Project Management Trainer David Litten of The Projex Academy is bringing his training skills to the marketplace, by helping project managers maximize their skills and earning potential while absorbing his simple management life and career training system.

If all you see in life is your next promotion and salary increase, you are blindsiding your true potential when acquiring skills and knowledge,” Litten says “I solve this problem by revealing several elegant key project and management mastery systems you can easily absorb over a handful of weeks

When investing your time with Litten’s Masterclasses, managers can expect to: find new clarity, gain new understanding and professional qualifications and accreditation, harness new management strategies and tools, fast-track their careers, and make sufficient money to become financially independent.

Using his proprietary Training Masterclasses, Litten’s students are not only able to easily absorb advanced project and management concepts, they are also able to transform and increase their personal revenue income.

My proprietary management learning systems reveal and explain evergreen project management and personal systems to effortlessly acquire key skills and career enhancement strategies,” Litten says. “My delegates don’t just get results because they know more. They get results because they become more. They graduate equipped forever with a better mind for growing their profession, career and earning potential.

Litten gets the results that his students are after. Whether gaining new qualifications and accreditations, delivering outcomes and realizing business benefits, or success-engineering lucrative new risk and stress free lives for themselves. Litten has been successfully helping clients since 1991.

Currently living in Spain, Litten markets his Management Mastery systems in over 176 countries across the world, and is proud to have helped forge the career, qualifications, and earning potential of over 19,000 managers worldwide.

Now in his 60’s, David is a proliferate creator of video-based training products as well as authoring several project management related books, while constantly seeking out opportunities to transform management students’ lives.

Litten has created the ‘Primer’ brand name for his beautifully designed video based management training products.

As a result, I get testimonials from all over the world about my elegant and life-changing video training products. I suppose my own transformation from well-paid corporate wage slave to living a financially independent life in a seven-figure beach front Mediterranean property, is proof enough that my Management Mastery video products work,” Litten says.

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