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Introduction to Learning with ChatGBT


Introduction to Learning with ChatGBT

In this blog, I’ll describe how to use ChatGBT to learn any skill. This is vital if you intend to create a business using online training products, Building skills is also one of the most essential things, especially if you want to level up your life and earn more money.

Chat GPT is a fantastic tool. So, in this blog, I’ll go over different techniques and prompts you can use, and by the end of this video, you’ll know exactly how to use ChatGBT to learn things on your own. So let’s get started.

The Mentor Inside Chat GPT

The first thing I want to explain is using Chat GPT as a mentor. Many of us need access to someone who can sit next to us and answer our questions.

With ChatGPT, for example, you could ask it, “You are an expert at processor machine code, and I want you to be my mentor”, and Chat GPT happily obliges. You can then proceed to ask Chat GPT any question related to processor machine code.

Dive straight In:

Ask Anything to Chat GPT With Chat GPT, there are no stupid questions. You can ask anything, and it is helpful to keep you accountable.

For instance, if you aim to learn processor machine code in four weeks and want a structured schedule, Chat GPT can generate one. This structured approach breaks down the learning process and offers a practical timeline.

Using Chat GPT to Test

Another great way to learn skills from ChatGBT is by testing your knowledge.

Chat GPT can give exams and tests, which may not sound enjoyable but are essential for practising and retaining new knowledge and skills. Testing is integral to the learning process, as it evaluates your grasp of a topic and reinforces the knowledge.

Get Good With Tailored Tests and Exams

While traditional educational systems conduct regular test or exams, it’s easy to miss this step when you’re self-learning. With Chat GPT, you can design tailored tests tailored to your needs. For example, after learning about, say, basket weaving, you can ask Chat GPT to generate questions about the topic.

It could be multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, or even short essays. By answering these questions, you get a clearer picture of your strengths and areas that need improvement.

And if you get an answer wrong, Chat GPT can immediately explain – giving you an effective real-time learning process.

Whether you want a quick five-minute quiz at the end of the day or a comprehensive exam at the end of the week, ChatGPT will respond.

The adaptive nature of Chat GPT also means that as you progress and answer questions, it can adjust the difficulty level, ensuring that you’re constantly challenged, which is crucial for continuous learning.

Role-playing Scenarios with Chat GPT

You can also use ChatGPT to role-play. For instance, if you’re learning marketing techniques, you can simulate a marketing page on your website. Or if PowerPoint presentation skills are what you’re honing, practice delivering speeches and get immediate feedback on content and flow.

So, you’re trying to learn Spanish. Prompt ChatGPT by typing, “You’re my Spanish teacher. Test me on common phrases I should know. Ask me a question, and I’ll give you an answer. Then, you give me a response. After that, ask me another question.” Let’s do this five times.

As you can see, be very specific in your prompt with Chat GPT, as it will be able to follow directions quite well, and you can simulate tests like this.

Use Online Forums for Niche Learning

If you’re more text-based, you can learn through Chat GPT by, for example, finding a forum. Ask ChatGPT, “Can you suggest three forums from which I can learn how to make furniture?”

Skill Acquisition often takes Two Steps

When learning a skill, there are two different ways. The first is the actual learning part, where you learn by reading text and watching videos, but also the practical application of what you’ve learned. Do this by asking what practical uses or exercises for the skill you can practice.

Avoiding Pitfalls:

Learning from Common Mistakes Asking for common mistakes can also be instrumental in helping you learn. For example, if I want to learn landscape painting, ask ChatGPT about common mistakes people make. This information will save time and is an essential aspect of skill learning.


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