July 24

My Nephew – Nick Litten – My Technology Guru


I’ve just had set up my new Content Management System – courtesy of my clever dick nephew – Nick Litten.

Now me, I’m computer illiterate. Okay so I know all about project management, but I still think Java is coffee. Get my drift?

Put it this way, if you had toothache, would you get a book on it, get a pair of pliers out and start extracting??  No, you would go to the dentist – an Expert. So why would I want to become an expert in IT stuff?  Best use my valuable time doing what I do best.

And let Nick do what he excels at. Check him out soon. Real Soon.

I went from a one web page painful newbie to a fully configured operational professional. Nick set it up so my newbie interface does fantastic complicated stuff – without me having to know or care how.

My Project Management Training Systems are now streaming at The Projex Academy Talk about painless and perfect… it really is the dogs.

Now all I actually need to do is focus on building my online business.

Four Thumbs Up Nick!


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