Directing Successful Projects With PRINCE2

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At Last! For countless years I have been bombarded with requests to teach the skills of PRINCE2 Directing a Project to Project Board members. Two years ago the OGC brought out a new accompanying Manual to PRINCE2 – and called it ‘Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2’.

So I finally did it. I have completed a brand new 8 Video and supporting Workbook based on the above book, and called it my Project Board Masterclass

It’s aimed exclusively at those senior managers who are either already sitting on PRINCE2 Project Boards or will soon be in the near future. Even senior managers who need to focus on those parts of PRINCE2 that they wish to learn more about…

You see, senior managers are normally too busy running the organization to spare time attending training events – yet they are the folks that sponsor, underwrite, or sit on Project Boards for PRINCE2 projects. These folks NEED to know about PRINCE2 from the senior management helicopter viewpoint.

Well, they can rest up now, because I’ve created  a Step By Step 8 – Video downloadable Project Board Briefing Primer that can be watched and absorbed over just a weekend. You can watch and learn at your own time and pace.


Leave work on a Friday night – and return on Monday morning confidently able to provide PRINCE2 Project Board Direction!

Find out how YOU can learn the art and skills of a Project Board Member – CLICK HERE

PMP Masterclass Hits The Streets

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Paint Me Happy!

Today I have just released our New PMP Masterclass – the world’s first streaming PMP training course. It comes complete with a phenomenal 28- Module Video Reference Library, with an amazing 289 exercises….

But it gets better, PMP Masterclass contains 360 PMP exam questions AND answers all on an entertaining PowerPoint Slide Show – betcha can’t put it down…

It has taken me since last summer to carefully sculpt and create this PMP training product, and I was determined not to release it until it was as good as I could make it.

And I can tell you I am exhausted – but with a big smile on my face, because I am over the moon with the quality and content of this, my latest Primer.

The streaming videos have been recorded in High Quality 800 by 600 MPEG-4 video files, and they will look sweet on any device

As is usual, I have broken down the complex  Body of Knowledge Syllabus in Easy Step-By-Step Bite Sized Chunks, so you can absorb the training at a time and place that suits you – no classroom cramming over an intensive 5 days away from the office (while you’re STILL spending the hotel evenings trying to run your project and the office!)

Here at Projex Academy we are pleased to put our name to this, our brand new PMP Masterclass, and it will help YOU enormously on your path to become a Project Management Professional.

Check it out HERE 

The Most Important Certification for A Project Manager

The Most Important Certification for A Project Manager

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So How Do You Intend To Boost Your Project Management Career This Year?

Project Management Institute

By growing your project management skills and experience in the workplace of course, but did you know that it’s your qualifications that play an increasingly important part in promotion opportunities or when applying for a new position? If you don’t want to miss out, you will want to read on for my vital and helpful information…

Now, I have given this serious thought too, and for that reason, I am hard at work developing a radical approach to helping the project management community, (and those who wish to move into that career) – a world-first on-line downloadable video training course to prepare for the PMI’s Project Management Professional exam…

Now, don’t just take my word for it, check out what PMI says on their website:

“PMI’s Project Management Professional (PMP)® credential is the most important industry-recognized certification for project managers. Globally recognized and demanded, the PMP® demonstrates that you have the experience, education and competency to successfully lead and direct projects.

This recognition is seen through increased marketability to employers and higher salary; according to the PMI Salary Survey – Sixth Edition, a PMP increases your salary up to 10% more than your non-credentialed colleagues and peers.”

Put being PMP Certified is only half the story…you need to master the world’s favorite framework for DELIVERING successful projects – PRINCE2. Our PRINCE2 Masterclass will give you all you need to become a PRINCE2 Practitioner click the image below for more information!

NOW you are in pole position for project success, career advancement and promotion …

Get the latest PMP Masterclass and pass at first try HERE

Study and pass the PMP exam online

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Enroll In our PMP Masterclass

This is the most comprehensive online PMP training there is, and it comes complete with a massive 2,000 question and answer PMP Online Exam Simulator:

Hop on over HERE to find out more …

So You Wanna Be A Project Manager Eh?

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For those of you wishing to become an accredited Project Manager, and go on to forge your career in that direction, you need to check out our APM Fundamentals Masterclass

The Association Of Project Managers is the finest proof you can get that you are a capable project manager. Our APM Fundamentals Masterclass is based on the Fundamentals Certificate, including the exam – and it tracks the official Syllabus to the letter – so you won’t miss a thing!

It’s a set of 7 videos, it not only comes with a workbook, but also, and here’s the kicker, a set of 120 real APM PMF exam Questions and Answers to help test and hone your knowledge and application.

You’ll be able to turn up for the exam/training 100% prepared to pass!

Check it out here for a crazy low introductory price HERE:

PRINCE2 In Bite-Sized Chunks

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Hi Everyone,

For those of you out there that have an interest in project management and PRINCE2 in particular…

I am writing a whole book-full of PRINCE2-related blog articles – starting yesterday! I will be adding one juicy article each day.

I’m calling this series of blogs “PRINCE2 In Bite-Sized Chunks. Easily the sort of information you could swallow whole before breakfast each day!

The articles will be focused right down at activity level and will be a great source of free ‘how-to’ ideas for the PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner student!

Right after I finish this blog, I will upload my third PRINCE2 In Bite-Sized Chunks blog – so keep an eye out for it….

For more information CLICK HERE

Men don’t listen plus women can’t read maps

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At Last! I’m okay after all, and so are the ladies too….

Turns out this great book I’m reading (Why men don’t listen and Women can’t read maps) acknowledges we are different because nature designed us that way for good reasons. Phew! I’m off the hook….

Ever go to the fridge and can’t find the butter no matter how hard you ‘look’? Yet my wife goes there and finds it immediately. Her favourite expression to me in such situations is “if that was a snake – it would have bit you by now” Her definition of a man is ” a woman without common sense”

Men are ‘hunters’ so we have great long distance ‘tunnel vision’ but women take care of the home (by nature – not social preferences) – so they have almost 180 degree peripheral vision to protect the ‘nest’. That’s why men are often caught ‘ogling’ at another woman – we have to turn our heads, but women can ogle other guys without being detected.

Fascinating stuff.

Which brings me to the map reading problem. In ancient times men were traditionally the lunch-chasers, so we would all starve if men weren’t good at spatial ability. Stuff like being able to calculate speed, movement and distance of prey. Generally boys ‘see’ better in three dimensions than girls. It also explains why computer games are so addictive to boys.

Us men are problem solvers, which explains why we can’t take criticism, whereas women don’t focus on the problem so much, but get great comfort by talking about it (and since men aren’t so good at listening – you can see why this also leads to problems…)

Now I understand why sports tend to be male dominated (and admired mainly by men); ball skills for example, are a demonstration to the watchers  of great ‘hunting’ skills. Whereas women will admire them for their tight rear ends – read the book to find out why…

Now, before you start labelling me as sexist, read the above book first, as it puts my comments above in clear perspective. But for now, it gave me great comfort about the things I’m not so good at, and a better understanding of those my wife finds difficult. And vice-versa too…

Final quote from the book: We are who we are because of hormones, we are all the result of our chemistry.

I feel so much better now I know it’s not really my fault….

There is however, ONE thing that us humans ARE ALL good at and is totally independent of gender …

… Learning!

Which means we can ALL take advantage of easy step-by-step bites of harnessing the standard framework that ensures ALL project are successful. I’m talking about THE framework call PRINCE2.

You want to find out what the ruckus is all about? Hop on over HERE and find out!

Mayan Mayhem

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They are at it again, you know, the soothsayers, prophet profiteers, all coming out of the woodwork with doom and gloom. Why? – because an ancient civilization, the Mayans well known for their study of astronomy and sacrificing of virgins (obviously a bunch of deep thinkers), came up with a ‘long count’ calendar due to end in 2012.

So all the bar-room doomsday merchants were predicting we will perish in a variety of ways – all of which are extrapolations (= guesses) of possible outcomes.

That didn’t stop stop them from worrying the heck out of millions of people though. Just like the Millennium Bug.

Whether it’s being burnt to a crisp from the sun’s rays, colliding with another galaxy, magnetic pole reversal (compass manufacturers will make a killing), collisions with another planet/asteroid, or Arnold Schwarzenegger making another Terminator movie – we are all screwed.

You’ll hear of lots of ‘evidence’ and lots of theories.

That’s it then, stop paying your mortgage, cancel your holiday plans for 2012, sex, drugs and rock and roll for us all…..and ruin the next two years of your life on this wonderful planet of ours.

It didn’t happen though did it? (Or did I miss it due to work pressure? Haha)

In my short lifetime alone, I’ve lived through numerous ‘end of the world’ predictions. The Jehovah Witnesses almost seem to make a career out of this bunkum.

When I was a lad back in the sixties, I remember an Ad along the lines of “Crime and Banditry will continue until Joanna Southcroft’s box of sealed writings are opened” Well, eventually they were opened, and guess what?

Crime and banditry continued.

There’s a surprise then. Who forgot to tell the cops in New York or (name any large city on the planet) to take early retirement?

So am I a relative of Nostradamus? Am I a Wise Man? Am I the fountainhead of all knowledge? Am I 100 percent sure of the future of civilisation? Nope.

But better men than I have advised that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. As human beings, we are ‘wired’ to look for evidence that supports our thinking, so watch out for all the garbage-spewing cranks appearing over the next 24 months.

Oh yes, and do you know how this Mayan calendar came into being? Apart from being based on shorter (52 year-length) calendars – heavily influenced by moon and planets, religious hokum, and menstrual cycles, the Mayans used the numbers 13 and 20 as the basis for their counting systems. Imagine checking your change from Sainsbury’s based on that lot…

And those contributors for this piece of voodoo happenstance ‘calculated’ the year 2012, AND by the way, the Mayans did not predict the end of the world – just significant change…so go ahead, base the remainder of your life on the opinion of a tribe of star-gazers if you want.


Typing makes me thirsty. I’m off down to my local bar for a few slurps …


Here’s something you CAN predict to a high level of certainty – becoming a PRINCE2 Practitioner will skyrocket your career and salary – and that’s a fact you can take to the bank – find out more about your journey HERE!

Interested In Making Some Extra Money On-line?

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I’ve got a good buddy in Leeds, Dave Shillito, and he Skyped me a few days ago with an idea. Now Dave and I go back a few years and like me, he makes an excellent living by selling stuff online. He fired straight from the hip, “Dave, he says, I’m surprised you haven’t thought about passing on what you know about creating a financially independent lifestyle onto your fellow ex-pats”

We yarned away for over an hour with me getting more and more excited about the prospect of helping folks just like me, who could use a few extra grand each month without ever needing to leave their villa!

So I ask you, what if I showed you how to build a £50K/year on-line business – how much would this be worth to you?

And it doesn’t matter which country you live in. You can earn by your poolside working a couple of hours each day. It’s scalable, so if just a few hundred Euros extra every month is all you want, then that’s okay too…

Would you be really interested in finding out how?

Imagine launching your own product, and waking up each morning knowing that you had been making money while you sleep? I get this buzz EVERY DAY.

Now, I knew what to do because I designed a formula and taught myself all I needed to know – so what if I put all my “how-to” knowledge together and SENT IT TO YOU in an easy step-by-step system? Call it an Internet Business In A Box if you will…

And in addition to teaching you how to do this, I give to you 5 or more already made successfully selling on-line products so that you can start immediately and keep 100% of the profits? All for the price of a local restaurant meal for two.

Imagine. Being able to treat and help your children and grandchildren, easily pay for trips and holidays, effortlessly pay your way in life. Eat well and live well. And get to pass on a valuable business as an inheritance.

Now, you’ll need a PC of course and some form of connection to the internet, but that’s about all, apart from putting a bit of your time and effort up-front to follow my precise instructions…

So how will I “send” this to you? Easy, I’ve made my training downloadable to your computer – so you’ll get instant access.

Worried about how much? I’ve solved that too, because you can have it for just 20 Euros a month…and for that you get send automatically several videos and exercises each week…

Hop on over HERE and find out more!

Power and Authority

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Because I’ve been on the tail-end of a summer cold my thoughts have been somewhat introvert – always a dangerous thing! I got to thinking about my earliest recollections – around 5 years old when my whole life revolved around Mum and Dad. They were my authorities and they had the power.

No problem there then.

Later, I got sent to school, now teachers shared the power and authority with Mum and Dad. They shouted at me, screamed at me, threw things at me…. and I jumped.

They beat the heck out of me, they made sure I knew my place. They made sure I was punished. I was smacked, canned, whacked, slippered, rulered, ear-twisted, clipped, punched…and I haven’t got to the bullies yet…

At least the headmaster was a local magistrate (he gave me 6 strokes with the cane for drinking milk without a straw)

Phew! Justice at last Eh?

Little boys should be seen and not heard.

Those who ask don’t get.

Patience is a virtue.

Oh yes, and in between, they taught me to read, write, and add up.

They were LAW.

Then I went out to work. My bosses were now The Law, and I jumped and danced to their tune.

Around the same time I became aware of the Government and it’s Laws.

These had to be obeyed or some form of punishment was coming my way.

So I kowtowed.

These facts I give you shaped my thinking, and I blindly followed these sources of power and authority.

My Mum and Dad did okay by me, they were good parents, but they instilled my deference to authority. I was polite to policemen for example – by instinct.

Fast-forward to 2019.

With the benefit of hindsight, I can see that my schoolteachers for the most part were post-war and mediocre, they were just doing the minimum possible. And much later, my bosses were no better than me – they just got there before me.

And with the benefit of 60-plus years behind me, I can see that the UK has been governed by a bunch of career politicians being led by their balls by greedy and controlling bankers.

Civil Servants are Self-Servants to their Masters – not to us…

All the wars in my lifetime have been encouraged by money, the banks play monopoly (= stocks and shares) with our livelihoods, and my pension will now only pay for my basic food…

When complaining, I was told “sorry, your contributions were used to pay for those retiring at that time, but now affordability is an issue”…

So much for entrusted Power and Authority.

By the way, I’m still polite to policemen…I just can’t help myself. I’ll need therapy.

So Thank God For My Internet Life. At least I’m finally my own boss.

I’m sure I’ll feel better and more balanced after a few more tablets.

Nah! Not really, because you see, I found out how to be my OWN Power and authority – I set up my own online business for around 30 Euros, and I found out how to make a very profitable online living from anywhere in the world just using stuff that was ALREADY sitting unused on my Notebook computer…

Find out how I did this HERE!

Boiling Guitar Strings – a great tune folks!

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It’s no secret I used to be a hot guitarist, well, in my head anyway! But truth be told I used to be okay, and played in the earliest ‘pop bands’ in the 1960’s through to around 1985, when I ‘retired’. I still play of course, but only for my own amusement, well, my wife Jude laughs every time I pick up the guitar…

If I had to pass on one tip to younger guitarists picked up from my 20 years on the road, it would not be related to actually playing the guitar, it would be the money I’ve saved throughout my years of regular gigging – by boiling my guitar strings.

If you’re a UK guitarist, a set of strings will cost up to £10, and if you ask most guitarists, they will tell you the tone starts to go after a couple of gigs, and for me that was less than a week. So I used to boil them, and instantly get them back to that ‘out-of-the-packet’ new crisp tone.

My dear old mum gave me a small metal saucepan only to be used for my strings, I used to get a pan of water to boiling point, take the strings off my guitar and roll them up – and pop ’em in!

It only needs two minutes of boiling to do the trick. Take them out (they cool down in moments), wipe them with a dry cloth and pop them back on your guitar.

Job done, showroom twang is back in residence! Plus, a set of strings will last for months!

So how do I find time to lounge around playing guitar? Well, THIS could have a large effect on my financial independence!

Earned Value

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For those of a nervous nature – look away now…

For Project Managers only: I took great interest in the launch of Earned Value Management qualification by the APM Group in June this year. At last, a step toward ‘growing up’ and thinking about using EV as a control tool rather than just a reporting tool (” I’m only using it because management/customer insists”).

If projects were your personal investment fund, wouldn’t you want to know the answer to the question “what did we get for the money we spent?”

Of course you would. If you hired a handyman to fix something in your home, and their response to your question “why is this so expensive” was, “well mate, it took me over 4 hours”, you might feel sympathy, but you really want to know if they completed the job so you get value for money!

So you know that for a particular duration within your project that you planned to spend, say, £5000, and let’s suppose you had actually spent £5,500, you’re not sure whether you’re ahead of schedule (we spend more because we did more work), or that you’re overspending (it cost us more than we thought to do the work).

The third variable is Earned Value of course, which is the planned cost of an activity multiplied by the percentage complete. So a £1000 activity that is 50% complete means you’ve ‘earned’ £500.

The easiest way to determine your progress is to base all your interpretation from the standpoint of the Earned Value amount. If the planned cost amount is more than your EV amount – then you’re behind schedule (and vice-versa).

If your Actual cost is more than your EV, then you’re overspending (and vice versa).

Okay, so this is not a tutorial on EV – but I hope I’ve whetted your appetite to make better friends with this invaluable project management control tool.

So how about I share my video with you:

For the FULL story and what you need to do to gain the prestigious APM Project Management QualificationCLICK HERE!

do I write a blog, a vlog, a clog, a slog?

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Late last night, as an awesome Thunder and Lightening storm swept through the Pego valley I was sitting out watching it bang and crash while trying to chart my new digital life.

dave litten diaryIt’s been a week since Nick relaunched this Website and the concept of blogging, vlogging and just plain being active on-line is a new one. My mind is definitely working overtime with all the new ideas that Nick spent pressing home.

It’s also something that is sometimes hard to focus on with so many other things to work on.  😉

I’m hard at work developing the new Project Management Masterclasses  – for ALL Project Managers

However, Nick is insistent that I keep a regular blog and give you guys a regular update on what I’m working on… I guess the concept works as it focusses my brain every morning on todays goals and what I’ve achieved since my last blog. Video Logs are going to be a more and more active part of the site.

So here I am, microphone poised – “Camera…….Action!”

Free downloadable Sample PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam with answers!

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As they say in all the best shows, due to popular demand….

I’ve given way, and created a brand new PRINCE2 Sample Practitioner Paper and included the answers!

So to claim your FREE copy of my PRINCE2 Step By Step Guide and download a full-strength SAMPLE Practitioner Exam CLICK HERE
It will give you an easy to read PRINCE2 Step By Step Guide of the PRINCE2 Method – so you can turn up at your training event fully prepared and ready to put the instructor through their paces!
Improve your ability to achieve an exam pass by practicing and honing your exam-taking skills, with my PRINCE2 Sample Practitioner Paper – you get the answers to all the questions -ensuring that you get vital exam practice as well as positioning yourself to get that vital pass-mark!
Let’s meet up again on the inside of our PRINCE2 Masterclass!

My workload for August!

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So I woke up this morning and decided to talk to my business partner Nick (of projex academy fame) and try to prioritize all my website ideas. He suggested (well threatened, coerced and forced is more accurate) that I list all my brainload of ideas so we can have a plan of attack and a schedule for implementation over the next couple of weeks.

Here are my achievements to date:

1. update PRINCE2 Masterclass website to include new free Practitioner exam paper

2. Launch special of my PMP Masterclass as a partner to PRINCE2

3. Create and launch my brand-new How To Blend PMBOK With Scrum product

4. Launch my brand new APM Introductory Certificate Masterclass

HOT OFF THE PRESS: I’m working on my Scrum Master Masterclass set against the PMI syllabus to fully prepare folks who want to take the PMP exam.

Phew! Busy Month!

Our New APM Project Management Fundamentals Masterclass!

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Boy do we at Projex Academy feel good! We’ve just completed our brand new APM Project Management Fundamentals Masterclass, and I’m really stoked about how it has turned out.

I was teaching this 2-day course earlier this year in South Africa, and it occurred to me that since it must follow the APM official syllabus, producing a set of slides and videoing them in a handful of modules would be a great idea.

We reasoned that folks who wanted to move into accredited project management would already be busy people, and a streaming Masterclass would let them study and prepare when it suited. I also figured they’d like the price too!

You can check out exactly what I’m talking about – hop on over to our APM Project Management Fundamentals Masterclass to find out more!

My brain gets bigger in the sun!

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I knew it all along – get yer vitamins by laying in the sun. At last something positive to do with the suns rays. And exercise has been found to grow thousands of brain cells after only a few days leading to better recollection of memories, plus older folks get nimbler brains and prevents dementia.

Here in Spain, the afternoon siesta is quite natural, and now scientists say that boosts brain power too.

Crazy sounding stuff like the smell of newly mowed grass improves memory, and dark chocolate, plus eating cold meats for breakfast stimulates the brain. Whatever next?

Let me tell you. Playing Tetris on your computer on a daily basis improves your critical thinking.

So I’m off now to chill on my patio with my laptop and a ham sandwich for starters and a large cadbury’s fruit and nut for sweet.

So, how do YOU improve your memory? Learn new skills and apply them to enhance your career, that’s how!

Take a peek over here for more great Project Manager Training

….while I stir my memory for Eric Clapton licks…

Having a poolside drink

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One of life’s absolute pleasures is when a lifetime buddy comes round for a quick drink. Trouble is when the temperature is close to 40 degrees, it gets a bit warm topside…

The solution? Move to a cooler part of the pool…

The bar service was not as good though, plus the crisps were soggy.

And when I eventually got a drink, I’m sure my San Miguel had been watered down….

Whatever happens, don’t waste your valuable time absorbing watered-down project management training – Get The Good Stuff HERE!

Sunday morning is thinking time in Pego

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My wife is a devout catholic, and I’m a failed one.

But Sunday is still special to me, and it gives me pleasure to drive my wife from our mountainside villa in Monte Pego, down into our charming local village of Pego. Hundreds of years ago Pego used to be a busy port, and has had a magnificent local church (in fact it has several) standing there also for many years.

this is the catholic church near denia

Església de l’Assumpció de Pego

This 16th century church was built on the ruins of a mosque, and like most Spanish churches it looks heavily weathered from the outside and bristles with old-world charm. But go inside and it is truly magnificent. The Sunday service starts at 12 midday and usually lasts for around an hour.

So I sit outside, and find it a good time to reflect and collect my thoughts. The fact that there are two fantastic bars opposite the church is just pure coincidence…

Over a smooth yet strong cortado  (made with espresso and steamed milk – it’s like a mini-cappuchino), I muse, plan, socialise and yarn with the friendly locals. Think of 1950’s English village life, and that image will transport you to wonderful Pego today.

It sucks me in like some cultural osmosis, and later, when my wife exits the church after the service has finished, I feel calmed and refreshed.

Spooky Eh?

Much of my online project management training classes have been given birth while I sup strong coffee – no supprise then that Projex Academy Project Management Masterclasses provide step-by-step training to enhance your career!