Baskets of eggs

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Okay, so everyone has heard that they should not put all their eggs in one basket, and that truth is self-evident.

I use it when teaching others the art and science of managing project risk. I also do it in my own online businesses. I learnt this painful lesson when I set up my first business way back in 1992.

I linked up with a great supplier and formed a strong business relationship with that individual from the get-go. We thrived and prospered. Until he changed his business direction leaving me high and dry. It wasn’t his fault and he wasn’t to blame.

I was.

These days, I use a business model that is built upon multiple profit centers. Some do better than others, but I love my ‘children’ equally. When one falters, it’s not the end of the road, I just replace them.

My business is now recession proof.

Don’t confuse this with having a ‘Plan B’, that’s not the point here. It is all about having multiple streams of income, they may be small, but together you’ve got yourself a sustainable recession-proof business.

Here’s my most successful part time work from home business that still brings me reliable, regular online income while I’m out and about…Check it out HERE!

Ready, Fire, Aim

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I’m reading a great book I ordered from the USA. It’s called ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’. I didn’t order it by accident, I found out one of my fellow online gurus, Michael Masterson just had it published.

This guy is a multi-millionarie genius.

I’ve had the privilege to meet him twice, and darn it he is sooo smart. He isn’t educated, didn’t go to Harvard, and came from a simple background. Yet he bristles with hard-core business money-making talent.

Ready, Fire, Aim is his approach to taking any unsuccessful business and transforming them into hugely profitable enterprises. He does exactly the same with new startups.

Clever Guy.

I always pick up new insights, tools and techniques whenever I listen, watch or read what he says. Anyone who went from zero to $100 Million in no time flat gets my attention, and it should get yours too.

Am I a millionaire? Nope. Nothing Like.

Have I created a small regular side income working from home? Yep.

I bank a few thousand Euros each month from it.

I call it being Financially Independent. Not Rich – But No Worries Either.

Worth five minutes of your time to learn more? Hop on over HERE!

Creating downloadable products for the internet

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I’m a product creator, but not necessarily in the way you are thinking right now. I just use information and knowledge that I have built up over the years. I’m standing on the shoulders of giants. So are you.

Except I just tap into this information baggage we have all picked up on our varied journeys through life, and offer it to others.

Sometimes for free, often for money.

I have a simple and vital rule, and that is, each product must a have a value that far exceeds it’s cost. Here’s a simple example:

I happened to make training videos, many of which use PowerPoint slides and an application called Camtasia. So AS A RESULT of having to learn and use them, I’ve become a mini-expert of how to do that.

There are millions of folks on this planet that would also like to create online training videos, so there must be millions of folks who would like a simple, easy to use video of how to create videos….

What life skills have you picked up that could be of value to others?

Make a list. Bet you’ll be surprised…

For starters:

  • What hobbies have you had (or would have liked to have)
  • What job skills have you picked up over your career?
  • What problems have you learned to fix? (home or at work)
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What topics would you like to learn more on (from books/internet)?
  • What have you helped others do?

There are nearly 4.5 Billion (4,500,000,000) people on line right now – do you think you could find 100 of them that are looking for a solution on any one of the above bullets – that you ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER TO?
So if I showed you how to sell a, say, 30 ebook on that topic….you just made 3,000…

Want to find out more? Hop on over HERE!

The 80/20 Rule in Action

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I have a Clever-Dick Nephew Nick who lives in Las Vegas USA, and ‘CDN’ paid me a surprise visit for my recent birthday. Apart from the fun and affection of having his giant personality bubbling around me, we had a man-to-man chat about my business and lifestyle. Now I consider myself as a reasonable manager, but thanks to his insights, I found out I had become, well, a little defocused.

See, I had loads of new projects brimming inside my fertile brain and by golly, was I working hard on several of them when he turned up. But I wasn’t getting the results I was expecting.

To cut a long story short, he held a gun to my head (so to speak) and forced me to make a detailed list of all of my projects, assignments, ideas and what-have-you. My Daughter Carina was great at taking notes. Within an hour she had filled several pages of detail.

Then came the voodoo. CDN said let’s make up a spreadsheet, factor in several aspects of each project, invent a prioritization formula, and press calculate…

We found the 20% of my project ideas that will give me 80% of the success. Job Done. Wish I’d have kicked my own arse first through….

The hallmark of a good teacher is to learn their own lessons first – you can see how I did that by creating this center for project management excellence!

Total Parent Pleasure

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Dave Litten and Family - The Litten Clan!

Okay, so I was 64 years old a few days ago. “Will you still love me, will you still need me, when I’m 64” goes the well-known Beatles song. And I used to think it was only other folks that got old…

But my two of my wonderful children, Robert and Carina, managed to find time in their busy lives to fly over to Monte Pego and stay with in our villa. And to put icing on my cake – my uber-hero nephew Nick flew in from the USA and my good ‘ole buddy Gerry flew in from the UK.

10 short days of absolute pleasure for me I can tell you! And suddenly 64 years old was just another number. It doesn’t get any better than this…

I found I could just absorb the almost palpable pleasure of just being with them, ‘hanging out’ I think my son calls it. As I drove them back to the airport I felt a sense of loss until I reminded myself what a lift they had given my life, and hey! we can do this again real soon…and again…and again….


*cough* Some years later, I am still priveleged to have my family over – here we are again in 2019:

I’d be an entrepreneur if only I could spell it

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Funny thing calling yourself an entrepreneur, I certainly didn’t really use the darn word ten years ago. Yet here I am calling myself it.

Dictionaries describe it as ” the type of personality who is willing to take upon himself a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome”.

Hmmm, okay so I am one then. My digital life has taken on a new resonance over the recent past, due mainly to the worldwide mess we’re all in.

My traditional training and consultancy needs a new direction, but it needs a new energy too – and that is going to spurt from my online life.

But you know, I think we are all born with entrepreneural tendencies and it’s just a case of tapping into that part of you. If you want to be part of what the darned word means to me and watch as it unfolds – then keep watching this space!

PRINCE2 Masterclass – now being sold World-wide

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this little red chap loves prince2

Well, what a week it’s been, and I’m amazed at the number of folks investing my Step By Step Guide for PRINCE2 – AND in the same week as the commencement of the World Cup.

As the financial situation takes a grip on most economies, people are looking for better value for money training – with downloadable solutions such as  becoming increasingly popular

My Free downloadable Step By Step Guide is being downloaded by the bucket-load on a daily basis!

Hundreds of people across the world are downloading my free Practitioner sample paper.

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The Entrepreneurial Project Manager

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This is a strange blog for me to write…

But it occured to me that project managers must be
one of the most entrepreneurial species on the planet!

Here’s why.

Our customer seeks an opportunity and asks us to deliver it…

So we take that opportunity, produce a plan and go on to deliver
the end-product for the customer, who then uses this
new capability to deliver financial benefits for themselves…

That’s right — we manage change for others so they can get benefits!

And it’s high time we used our talent for managing change, but
instead, get the financial benefits for ourselves and family…

Because of our unique project management skills, you and I
are better placed than ANY other profession to run
this type of ‘set-and-forget’ autopilot business…

Here’s the story.

I had the good fortune to do business with a fellow called Andrew
some 5 years back, and he taught me how to apply my
project management skills TO and FOR myself.

As it turns out, it’s given me and my family a continual and
significant financial independence

Now Andrew is a smart guy, he’s much sought after for management
seminars, has been a guest at Buckingham Palace, and does many
good deeds for various charities…

And check this out. I want to give something back too.

But this is ONLY for those project managers that have an
entrepreneurial spirit — willing to spend just a few hours a week
developing a separate income alongside your corporate one.

Not only that, for now, Andrew is giving away complimentary copies
of his ‘covenant’ — and you WILL want to get your hands on it!

Click here…

…to get your complementary copy – but be quick,
as this offer is for the lucky first few…

Wishing My Readers A Healthy and Prosperous 2010

here’s that link again:

Free PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Practice

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Well, we finally  did it at Projex Academy! We have created the world’s first – A Downloadable PRINCE2 Practitioner Sample Exam.

It consists of 10 Full-Strength Practitioner Exam Topics – totaling 21 Questions

Of course, you also get 200 Full-strength PRINCE2 Foundation Questions

Our PRINCE2 Masterclass is now a complete PRINCE2-In-A-Box Training Course.

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Fresh and New for 2019 the Project Management Fundamentals Masterclass

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APM Project Management Fundamentals Masterclass

How To Stop Pulling Your Hair Out Trying To Learn How To Manage Projects. Anyone can learn and apply this Toolkit…from rookie project team members to veteran business managers who are seeing amazing results directly due to my advice, tactics and strategies.

I Will Show You An Easy Step-By-Step Masterclass

Stream and download this VIDEO based Self-Paced course That You Can Learn From In Your Spare Time AND An Obscenely Simple Way To Fast Track Your Career and Salary – particularly in a Recession!

Unravel Project Management Secrets with my New Project Management Primer Toolkit Learn What The Best Project Managers Know, Say and Do. 

Shift Your Career into the Fast Lane…and become Recession-Proof!

Hi Dave

I have become your fan. I completed Module ONE last week. Your way of teaching is amazing.

I am seeing a big change in the way I have started thinking. After a long time, i am at last feeling confident to climb up to the next level. The tool kit is invaluable… I have now completed watching the video of Module TWO. The info which I was looking for (cost benefit analysis) is explained in this module superbly with great clarity. And I am thrilled to listen to your videos and read the module pdf’s. You are my GURU. I can see myself becoming a professional IT project manager and beyond. My journey has begun!


  • The Potent Key Of  PROJECT DEFINITION™


Not only do you get my 5-Day $870 Project Management Primer
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Turn Your Team Into A Fighting Force.

I found these to be the most simple, and effective Team Building Tools I have ever used. They quickly help me select the right team, get them in great shape, and working at peak performance. I have created this unique e-book as a people development tool for you. It includes:

  • Project Management Behavioral Profile
  • Building Strong Teams
  • What makes for successful teams?
  • Why do some teams “work” — yet others do not?
  • Team Motivation
  • Key Areas for the Project Manager
  • Motivation Questionnaire
  • Team Management Styles
  • Choosing an Appropriate Style
  • Nobody’s Perfect – But A Team Can Be
  • Leadership Skills
  • Some Common Characteristics in Effective Leaders
  • Vision – Involvement – Persistence
  • Choosing a Leadership Style
  • Leadership Traits
  • Influencing Skills 

 Potent Time Management Tips The Pro’s Use

For those of you with a busy schedule (who doesn’t!), get more done and
shave up to an hour off each work day with these potent techniques.

This Toolkit Includes unique project management time techniques


The Budget and Schedule PREDICTOR

Allows you to forecast delivery date and budget and probability

Phew! you haven’t seen anything like this before!

Enter some very specific key project data into this Excel spreadsheet, and automatically calculate Confidence Factors generated for your project end date and budget spend.

The Risk Matrix Analyzer is a TUNEABLE TOOLKIT For Effective Risk Management

Download this Excel software onto your Notebook for effortless analysis and management of risk for any assignment or project.

Learn how to customize it and build a powerhouse database for managing and controlling risk in any project!

My PM Training Course can be simply learned in weeks – within the comfort of your own home – and at a time and pace that suits you. Just the first weekend with it will give you all of the basics.

You get 524 pages packed with 368 full color diagrams, and 25 Exercises plus 20 Video Lessons to support your learning of new skills and techniques.

I reveal the techniques and tricks of the trade used by the Most Accomplished Project Managers.

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You will become competent in all these areas of Project Management:

  • How to scale and tailor the Method to fit ANY SIZE OF PROJECT. I showcase the detailed structure of large, medium and small projects – but then go on to show you Micro – and even Nano Project Structures including Flow Diagrams.

    This alone will put you 10 steps ahead of even the most experienced project managers

  • How to craft the project Terms Of Reference so that it engages all key Stakeholders. Key staff and users are drawn in and feel involved and committed you’ll never feel “on your own” again.
  • Why the so-called ‘Holy Triangle’ is really a pyramid. Here I reveal some of my closely guarded secrets to encourage management to prioritize capabilities early in the project and avoid the deadly embrace of ‘scope-creep’ – keep your customers, users, and management on your side.
  • The project’s built-in ‘virus’ that can kill success. I will show you how to virtually eliminate it right from the start of the project to ensure precious benefits are realized. This is a strategy that I developed for a world-wide client. This alone is worth more than the entire tuition.
  • The ‘FABU’ triangle and how you must employ it in order to bring your project to a successful close. Teach this to your top management and you will have their attention and support in a heart-beat. This is the driving force behind any project – all you have to do is drive!
  • The Project Plan document on its own, will not give you enough information to control and manage — I’ll give you the missing links to ensure delivery of the end-product is as easy as a ripe apple dropping into your hand
  • I show you the right way to design and appoint the project organization. Harness this with a few ‘psychological tactics’ and you will have a ‘Super-Team’ to help deliver the project. Senior management will now be in partnership with you and will feel duty-bound to protect project success
  • I showcase my best-performing risk analysis techniques, and dissect them blow-by-blow — revealing every device, trick, and strategy that goes into creating a professionally risk-managed project.
  • How to create the million-dollar blueprint for nailing down each and every business benefit –and then decoding each into the Project Plan. I have only seen this mentioned once before — Your new skill will stop management dead in their tracks – prepare to be much in-demand!
  • The path to planning project quality is strewn with clichés and good intentions – yet this most proficient approach uses just nine riveting elements. Build these into the bedrock of your plan and get a handsome return on investment from your business.
  • Why task and resource-based planning is the same old rehashed and regurgitated planning stuff. Sure you need to do it – and I reveal little-known methods to nail it down solid, but you are missing out the three project-critical techniques that you must do first. This is quite literally a goldmine that I’ve never divulged before
  • Sure, most project managers can calculate the critical path — but how many of ‘me can decode and utilize it throughout the project? I teach you all three — so no matter what time or resource-critical problems you have – you provide a solution. Others just get brain-fog!
  • If estimating is so easy, then why do most folks just ‘guess’? Using my toolbox of fourteen techniques you will get a significantly higher conversion rate of planned to actual task outcomes.
  • There are over 25 standard controls in every project – most managers can only name ten – could this one undisclosed fact be the reason for many project and business failures? Since you’ll learn them all, you’ll have the secret codes that spell project and business success!
  • The one deadly ambiguity in tracking project progress is a sprung trap waiting to happen. Get this wrong and it’s like fanning the flames of failure with gasoline. Fixing it is easy, and you don’t even need a yard hose!
  • Earned Value Analysis was invented in the good ‘ole USA – and has been confusing the heck out of managers ever since – yet it’s a chipper all managers need in their golf-cart. I’ll get your heart beating faster after I explain it in simple non-math terms.
  • Prepare for a Masterclass in sure-footed benefits management. This information plus my tools and techniques will give you the skills that less than one in ten thousand project managers know. It puts you head and shoulders above the rest. When you get this down cold, management will tear down your door to have you on their team.

…here’s how the Project Management Primer is Structured:


  …here’s a quick peek inside:

Dave, I am only on Module 1 Lesson 2 and I love every minute of it!!!!! As I am watching the video, I am also using word to type up “notes” to review later…. This is awesome, what a great learn!!!

Brandon Aylesworth
United States

Want to know more? CLICK HERE

The More Things Change – The More They Stay The Same

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I haven’t been sleeping too well recently, in that I keep waking at 04:30 or thereabouts, and I’m darned if I can get back to sleep…

I usually toss and turn for about 45 minutes, give up and get up. A cup of tea or coffee later, and I’m beavering away at my PC.

I think I know what’s at the heart of it all.  This has been a year of significant change for me, in many small but important ways, and my subconscious brain has been working overtime!

A good buddy and Uber-Smart money-making associate of mine Dave Shillito, has a great technique when he has a problem to solve – he speaks aloud “subconscious brain – go to work on it and give me a solution”. Then he carries on doing whatever he’s doing.

Craziest thing to watch I’m telling you!  But it works.

It set me thinking about why my head is buzzing these days – It’s buzzing with processing solutions to all the small changes that are going on my life right now.

The title of this blog post came from a 1970’s hit by my favourite band, Huey Lewis and The News”. See, I’ve got so used to the many changes going on in my life – I’d get totally screwed up if I had a day where nothing had to change.

My subconscious would have to come up with a change – just to keep me sane!

Back in the 1990’s when I was a working project manager, I had to deal with change on a regular basis.

But my point is, that the discipline of managing change in a project can be directly applied to ourselves.

Here is how I do it…

1. Log the change. –For you and I that means acknowledge that you need to change some aspect of your life.

2. Carry out an Impact Analysis.  — Think about, or write down, the impact if this change went ahead. The impact might be your time, or spending money, or learning new skills, etc, etc

3. Consider Options. — What action could you take to implement the change? For each option, how would the impact (above) change?

4. Recommended Option.  — Think through which option you would consider best (or tell your subconscious to go to work on it!)

5. Authorize. — Tell your subconscious of your decison.

6. Implement. — Do it and track your progress until the change is implemented. Go back to previous steps if you run into problems.

A good project manager will tell you that no matter how urgent the project (or task/activity/problem) is, you must give yourself time to sit down and create a plan first.

I guess this blog post is telling you just that…

Great project managers relish change and actively seek out ways to move their careers forward – HERE is a list of ideas to get YOU started!

Our New PRINCE2 2020 Masterclass

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We’ve just launched our new PRINCE2 2020 Masterclass….I’ve gone into full detail on the slides, ending up with 320 animated PowerPoint slides, which I used to record over 20 hours of step-by-step full motion video tutorial in the form of 28 Step-By-Step Modules..

There’s no padding, no fill, just clear, concise tutorials on every corner of the new Manual. I leave no stone unturned. You get to understand and absorb PRINCE2 in easy bite-sized chunks, so when you turn up at your training course you are already fully prepared to take and pass the Foundation and Practitioner exams!

You also get a massive 200-question QUIZ based on the Foundation exam questions, and 20 in-depth exercises to test the students understanding of key PRINCE2 aspects. As before, I’ve created a Workbook for each of the Modules containing full colour graphics of every single slide.

But it gets better, you also get 21 Practitioner Exam questions and answers.

Get ahead of the queue HERE –  I know you’re gonna like it….

PRINCE2 Hots Up In The Recession!

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Just got back to Spain from a hectic tour of PRINCE2 training events in the UK. There’s no doubt the wind of change is getting to companies and their professional staff.

There’s around a 16% drop in folks signing up for the usual £1000-plus Prince2 training courses (still keeping me busy though….not complaining!)

The key to keeping yourself marketable and in demand is flexibility, and having a good skills base.

Right now, there are hundreds of jobs and positions looking for PRINCE2 project management skills. But what to do if your company is cutting back on training?

The answer is, get the skills online…

When it comes to PRINCE2, the only way to get the Practitioner Accreditation is through an Accredited Training Organisation (Projex Academy for instance!)

So if you want to get the skills and knowledge for a fraction of the price — and get your hands on the PRINCE2 tutorial training material within minutes, then this link has the answer you’re looking for …

Plus, if you are going on an Accredited training course, AND want to pass – then the same link will get you ahead of the pack.

Our PRINCE2 Masterclass is getting rave reviews right now – and there’s a special offer that you won’t want to refuse…

how delightful to be here

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So here is a test blog from the nephew of Dave Litten – I’m nicknamed CDN from the esteemed Uncle and I will leave it up to you to decipher this little puzzle and figure out the etymology of the C.D.N.

As an computer chap – or geek as I’m frequently described – it’s been a pleasure setting up Uncle Bucks website…

This is a just a test BLOG entry make sure the new Adsense injection is working, voting module is voting and acidfree Image module is… erm… imaging

Bankers Have Put You In Jail – For Life

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It has been some time since I saw something on the internet or received something via it that has any real importance…

…and I thought my reading of The God Delusion was life-changing…

I watched this video – and even missed a meal, it was so compelling — but only for those of us that truly think.

If you are skateboarding your way across life — please stop reading.

Yes, it’s about the money system and supply.

It makes tough listening and watching, as you chew and swallow your way through the concrete of deception.

NO, it’s not about the current Recession, although you may come to see that things such as recessions are caused by this conspiracy of betrayal.

If this bores the crap out of you, or you think you know already, or you have better things to do…..Goodnight.

I know, the video is a little long (in today’s world of instant demand / satisfaction), but I think you’ll agree afterwards that the 40 or so minutes it takes to watch was well worth it.

He could have made it shorter, but to do so would have left out important information.

You will be spellbound…

No, that’s not the right words or emotion…

I felt betrayed. So Should You.

What was shocking, were the quotes from key banking names — almost laughing…

For those of you brave enough to watch this video — your thoughts and perceptions of the world we are currently caught up in — will change forever.

And I’m not being melodramatic.

If someone doesn’t start screaming soon, then I will…

There is one way to beat them – Join Them!

Do this by making your own money supply (quite legally of course!)

Hop on over HERE to find out how …

I am a grandad

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At the ripe old age of 62, I have at last been converted into a Grandad!!

My Son Matthew and his lovely wife Hannah have presented me with a Grandaughter –  Florence Litten.  She was born 15th January 2009 at 11:15 am weighing 7pounds and 14 ounces. Luckily for Matthew she has her mothers beautiful blue eyes!

My job on this planet is now complete – two generations of Litten genes unleashed upon the world…..

Paint Me Happy!

The Most Valuable Thing You Can Have In A Recession

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After a hard day pounding the keys on my Notebook, I relaxed in front of the TV – or should I say stressed in front of the TV!

You see, all the News channels were buzzing about the latest companies to go under thanks to the recession. It seems everything is going down the toilet. But that got me thinking that the only sound-bites you get to hear about,  are those that are about a crisis or  trouble. Folks surviving are not so news-worthy are they?

And that got me reminiscing on the flip-side of the economy. Around the mid-to-late 1980’s I recall…

The organisation that I worked for back then was growing at 30% per year – every year for goodness sake! That brought it’s own set of problems too — everyone was clambering to get the best job, the best salary, and every organisation was clambering to get the best people to support that rapid growth I just talked about.

I was a “middle manager” at the time, and was recruiting like crazy. I remember me and fellow managers had advertised job positions and a whole team of us were carrying out initial interviews at the local Hilton Hotel. I’m telling you, the queue went right around the block. It felt like serving in a soup kitchen. And I had to sort out the best folks from the average.

Our smart Human Resource folks realised the problem and put all of us middle managers on a one-day “Targeted Selection” course to tune-up our interviewing skills. And that brings me back to the present day — and the flip-side of that coin is the current recession. What I learned then, can be of value to YOU right now, if you are concerned about your job or are already looking for a new position…

I’m talking about your CV, or as the USA folks call it – your Resume.

If I asked you right off the bat, “why should I hire you?” you may talk about what you were responsible for, what skills you have, etc, etc.

All bland stuff if you think about it. “I was responsible for a team of 20 people and managed a department budget of $$$$$ per year…..etc, etc…”

As an interviewer, what could I make of that information? Not a Lot. Which is where Targeted Selection comes in:-

It uses the classic drill-down process – but in a smarter way. It’s easy to pick up, and basically uses the “So What” technique.

….” I managed a team of 30 people….”  So What? The trick is to then ask “…so what happened — what did YOU ACTUALLY DO (action)….what was the OUTCOME (the result – and it had better be a positive result!)…

The interviewer is trying to get at the “value-added” of the individual. How can this help you and your CV/Resume?

By building into your CV these type of phrases with evidence.

For example, ” I managed a team of 30 people and in the space of 8 months I improved their productivity by nearly 20%. I did this by setting up a (whatever) – resulting in increased revenue of $$$$$ within the first 12 months”

Can you see that I have answered the ‘SO WHAT’ — and do you think your CV would stand out from the crowd?

You Betcha!

Here’s a final thought. Do you remember SWOT Analysis? Get a sheet of paper and divide it into 4 quadrants. Label one of them Strengths, the next Weaknesses, the next  Opportunities, and the final one Threats.

Go through your current CV and rewrite it as above and put that info in the Strengths quadrant.

Now brainstorm what your weaknesses are.

Don’t be negative here – a Weakness may just be a set of knowledge, skills, experience you are lacking – or it may even be an area that you don’t enjoy.

Based on those, come up with the types of job OPPORTUNITIES you would be interested in.

Finally, for each state what the Threats might be. Be as specific as you can, general threats are often just fears….

Think through and make a list of your:-

  • Knowledge Areas (things that you understand and comprehend)
  • Skills ( things that you have acquired and applied)
  • Experience (this might be how often you have used a set of skills – or the environment in which you have applied them)
  • What levels of Authority you had (decisions or actions you could take without needing permission from others)

Weave each of those aspects into your SWOT Analysis of yourself!

You’ve now got a Blueprint for re-writing your CV/Resume, and a better focus of your next job.

Record yourself telling an imaginary interviewer what you have achieved giving them bucket-loads of ‘So What’ evidence – and you are on your way!

Remember this too. A recession doesn’t need ‘achievers’ — it needs people with the ability to make things happen – and make a positive difference.

Go get ’em Tiger!

HERE are the best skills and knowledge to add to your CV/Resume

The Creature From The Black Reserve

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That’s it. I’m Spooked.

We’re All Sheep Trussed Up In A Financial Pen.

I’m reading Mr Edward Griffin’s chilling tale The Creature from Jekyll Island. If you think this recession is due to bloated capitalism (“were the commies right after all Dad?”) – then you’re Dead Wrong.

Arguably, capitalism is the only remaining saviour of Mankind – and Womankind too….

This recession has everything to do with greed, lies, deceipt, power and corruption. And the Evil Cartel?

The US Federal Reserve and Banks.

It all starts with the Government. They want to raise more money to pay for benefits and the voters — because it gets them more votes. But the Government would need to raise taxes to get this money – which would lose them votes. In fact ALL governments need more money than they can possibly raise by taxes.

So they go to the open market and borrow money. Mission accomplished. But the Government now has to pay the loan back plus interest on this loan, so they go and loan some more to buy time and to pay off the interest. This cycle is unending – and is referred to as The National Debt.

Back in 1910 a secret meeting was held to discuss this and the Federal Reserve was created. Now Governments can borrow from the Federal Reserve. Good ‘Ole Federal Reserve then? Nope.

The problem is, the Federal Reserve just “prints more money” – it is called a loan and is redeemable in all the Banks – but the money never existed.

Now let’s talk about the Banks. They exist only to make money out of lending money. Fact.

So imagine a government worker has just been paid for the month and deposits that money into the Bank.

Remember,  the worker was paid with the Federal reserve money which never really existed. But the Bank can now use that workers money as a source for making loans to others. But for every dollar that is paid in, the Bank can loan many times more than that to borrowers…

….But that “extra” money is “virtual”

The banking system does not actually have that extra money in the bank – but can write you, as the borrower, a cheque for your loan. You pay the bank interest on the loan – based on money that never really existed.

So the Federal Reserve prints imaginary money, and the banks charge you interest of money that doesn’t exist.

And That’s The Scam.

So your mortgage, life savings, pension, social services, hospitals, investements, the very fabric of society, etc, etc, are all sloshing around in a secretive financial soup – that sits on top of a financial Black Hole. 

Frightened Shitless Yet?

Both In the UK and the USA — and elswhere, that’s the reason why the Government fixed the Banks liquidity by loaning all that taxpayer money. If the banking system collapsed the whole world-wide money system would also tumble like a pack of cards. And all the governments would be found out and be powerless…

We’d have to go back to simple bartering “I’ll trade you a goat for your sister”. If only we had kept the Gold Standard – none of this would have happened. For every dollar printed, the Bank had a dollar of gold to back it up. Sigh!

The so-called “sub-prime lending” wasn’t the reason we are now all in a recession – it was just the hinge that opened the door…..

This particular blog stands on the shoulders of giants – I’m just the messenger… 

So how do you deal with an income that is reducing just from inflation? The answer is to print your own extra money….Just joking of course – you can however…Make extra money working from home!

HERE is where I tell you how…

Creating MONEY!

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Okay, I sympathise, the internet is full of BS, folks betting you will buy into their hype.

So am I any different? Good Question. Put “make money online” into Google or a similar search engine — and you will be told:-

“Here is The Secret That No-One is Telling You”,

and you will be DELUGED with “how I made $575,000 inside one week” type of stuff.

Amazing isn’t it…

….that ALL these folks, having found the secret to making loads of money online (at last), are now falling over themselves to tell you about it — and hence share the profits with you for a mere $47 or so….

….Ain’t They Generous?”

Why do folks keep selling this? Because they know folks like you and I are desperate to believe that we can become financially dependant on-line.

Everyone is selling “here is my product/approach to make the same kind of money that I’m making”

So why are they telling you? Answer. They are ACTUALLY making money by selling YOU how to make money. They are NOT making money by the products they are selling you – THEY are making money by selling “make money solutions…

The old classic “teach a man to fish and he will feed his family for a life-time” is alive and well.

So what you *really* want is a product that you can OWN — and then sell on to others SO THAT THEY CAN MAKE MONEY…

Then YOU’LL be in the Driving Seat and make money from selling others how to make money….

Have you GOT That?

Guess What?!!! I’m about to give you Life Time Rights To Such a Product…

See, I HAVE made money online by creating my own products – and its not hard once you know how…

Rather than go into detail here – Hop on over HERE for the full story!

The Untapped Income Inside Your Head!

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As I write on this bright Monday morning, I’m sitting here in a training seminar. Fact is, I’m coaching a newbie and he needs to practice. He’s presenting up to tuesday lunchtime then I’m taking over for the rest of the week.

Okay, so here I am listening while typing. What’s that? I should be concentrating on him full time you say?

Well — NO actually. One of the skills of coaching is actually letting go. Letting the other person make a few mistakes and learn from them. Just be there to bring them back on track if needed — and give feedback of course.

You see, children and adults learn by doing, it’s hard-wired into our brain. I want him to feel a little nervous, make small errors, have a blank moment every now and then, forget the odd fact or three, and make the ocassional goof.

Every bone in my body is screaming “butt-in, tell him where he’s going wrong, spoon feed him, etc”. And end up with a puppet instead of a trainer…

Which brings me to the point of this blog entry.

I’m the wrong side of 60 years old, and at a point in my life where (as a younger man), I expected to be taking it easy…

But the reverse is true — I’m ON FIRE!!

Even if I’d have just stood on street corners, I’d have absorbed masses of Life-Skills. As it was, I’ve hoovered up masses of data in the form of:


The glue that binds our society together in fact…

I promise you — inside your head — right now– is a goldmine of information.

You Will Now Want To Do This…

Grab three sheets of paper and put the headings above at the top of each.

Write down all the knowledge and skills you have gained, start from School days – not just acedamic stuff – life skills and stuff No matter how trivial – write it all down.

Keep going ’till you’re exhausted! Did you learn to cook, fix stuff, build stuff, make stuff, invent stuff? Throw in all your hobbies.

Then using each of those, write down the Experience you gained by APPLYING each of them.

My wife Jude spent some time training as a midwife in the Philippines. She saw stuff, watched stuff, experienced stuff that you and I could never imagine.

I’ll bet there’s a Self-Help Book For Nervious New Mums-To-Be inside her brain right now!

The population of the world right now is  just over 6.721 billion!!!

Now let’s see. What if you happened to have some experience in say, growing your own vegetables, servicing your car, home electrics, plumbing, etc, and you felt you could write a 40-page ebook on the subject.

In these tough times saving money by growing their own vegetables, might be on many folks minds.

What’s that? You could’nt write 40 pages? But could you come up with say, 10 headings of the major topics you want to write about? (these will be your Chapters).

Then come up with say, 5 major headings within each topic?

Then write a paragraph or so on each?

I’ll bet you’ve got yourself a 40 page ebook already!!!

In fact right now, Google says 355,000 folks are searching for growing your own vegetables for example. And 14,800 searched that phrase last month …

Okay, here is my point.

Do you reckon you could attract a measly 1% of the folks above? Me too. Say you could sell 148 copies per month selling for a measly $9.97 or such?

Or maybe give the ebook away for free, and collect their email addresses for an upsell later on? But I digress.

You’ve just made nearly $1,500 in a month. All set up on the Internet selling on auto-pilot. Once it’s set up, you can rinse and repeat.

Could you then create and sell another 5 topics? That’s $7500 a month. Around 5800 Euros a month. Around £5000 if you live in the UK. That sounds like a salary of £60,000 a year.

Is it just as easy as throwing together a quick ebook, chucking it up online and watching the money roll in?

Of course not.

But many of my colleagues are making more than that because they treated it like a business — putting time and effort in upfront.

But the “Business Model” is superb. Low Risk. Low money up-front. Just an investment of your time.

You need a few Secrets to wind-up the Business Model and a few pointers as to the mistakes others make – so you won’t make ’em — and you’re off…

If you can use the Internet, create a WORD Document, create emails, and are prepared to invest a little time upfront – then you’re good to go as a starting point!

Beats the heck out of investing $100,000 in a pizza franchise and working 24/7 just to make ends meet.

Interested in finding out more?

Learn from a guy (me) that makes around 6,000 a month via the internet while living halfway up a mountain in Spain.

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