PMP Fundamentals

Many folks fail to achieve their own full potential because they don’t set themselves goals. Others drop the baton because they don’t draw up an implementation plan.

But the biggie for me, is failing to take the FIRST STEP. The old saying “how do you eat an elephant?” is answered by “one mouthful at a time”. Now, I don’t recommend you actually eat these magnificent animals, but the analogy is a good one…

Take improving your project management career as an example. No, not asking the boss for a raise, but getting the best education you can – and that means becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP). Just think how those letters after your name would make you feel?

But you’ve got to take the plunge and put aside time to study in the first place. And I’m talking about real commitment here, not just ‘best efforts’

So what’s the first step you ask? Well, it’s investing in a training program.

Stay with me here…

You’re thinking, how do I know if it’s a good PMP training program – what if I don’t like the materials? What if the instructor can’t teach? and a million other reasons why you are still procrastinating (I’m assuming here that you have the usual human foibles like the rest of us do!)

Fear not, for I am giving you a FREE one hour Video Module from my world-beating PMP Primer course. That’s right, you don’t have to buy anything or pay anything. I’m so confident that you’ll love it and want to get the rest of them that I’m willing to give you a free lunch…

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  • July 10, 2011

PRINCE2 Roadmap and Walkthrough

Funny thing computers, they start out as pristine towers of high-tech…and end up as a pile-of-files glory hole. It’s normally about this time that they start to slow down due to all the junk you’ve collected, and you start thinking about getting a new one…

So there I was a few days ago, trying to stop the rot by having a bit of a tidy up (aren’t those ‘duplicate file finder’ applications cool!). When I came across an old JPG that a delegate had taken of my PRINCE2 Roadmap while I was delivering one of my training seminars. Okay, so it was hand-drawn live and would not win any prizes for neatness, but delegates usually tell me later that it was one of the most useful and important sessions in the course.

So I’ve spent the last few hours making a proper PDF out of it, and added my talkthrough text – the result is quite a useful PRINCE2 preparation product. And you can have it for FREE!

Just hop on over to THIS link and fill in the form at the top left of my website.


  • July 10, 2011

The slippery Slope Of Greece

Someone once quoted “I don’t want to run a country – just put me in charge of the banks” The point here is that the banking industry within a country get to control ALL the money. It’s based on something called the ‘fiat’ system (nothing to do with the car-maker!)

In the USA we have the Federal Reserve, and in the UK we have the ‘Bank of England’. Both are misconceptions because they are private limited companies put in control of the supply and demand of the relevant money-system. They make a percentage on every paper bill they create, and the fiat system enables that the printing of new money can be loaned by the banks at as much as ten times the actual amount of new money printed. It’s a more complex system than I’m describing here, but that’s the principle.

What triggered this rant I hear you say? I was watching the troubles of Greece and their imminent economic bailout on TV last night…

Most folks would think ‘good old European union, they won’t let Greece fail’ That’s not so far from the truth, but not for the reason you may think. You see the 0.01% of the worlds richest people own most of the money and that includes bankers. Without debt, the banks could not loan money, and therefore could not get rich at the expense of you and I. There is nothing they like better than a war or an economic meltdown (which they started in the first place).

There is strong evidence to suggest that Twin Towers was orchestrated by the American government to assist in their wish to invade Iraq. Now they can print more new money and make a financial killing in the process. Folks like you and I are the gullible taxpayers who ‘mortgage’ our futures. Why is it that a person works for some 50 years, pays a reasonable amount into their pension pot, yet finds retirement a penury?

Inflation is NOT caused by cost of living increases or wage rises – these merely follow in the wake of inflation. Inflation itself is caused by the printing of new money – the more dosh that slops around the world, the less an individual bill is worth. The banks then lend up to ten times more that the amount that was printed and the coins in your pocket are now worth a little less than before. It’s not even a cyclic phenomenon – it’s exponentially increasing. The pint of beer I bought when a teenager costs much more now – but my earning potential has roughly kept pace, so drinking beer as an example is still as affordable…inflation has done it’s deadly work of course because the difference in prices have gone into the pockets of the banks.

It’s making me angry just writing this stuff down. So that’s why you spend a whole lifetime paying into a pension, only to find that you don’t have enough to live on in retirement.

No wonder old folks (myself included), are so disillusioned with governments. Take a 24 hour day. When in your working life, you spend approximately 8 hours at work, 8 hours personal time, and 8 hours sleeping. When you retire, you spend 16 hours personal time and 8 hours sleeping – but you have to do it on a reduced income.

So you have twice as long average time to spend, but on a dwindling pension pot than when you were working..don’t have a go at Granddad because he watches more TV these days – he’s just saving money!

How can this happen? Why do the rich get richer – well they pay little or no tax, and their wealth gives them access to investment opportunities that are withheld from the normal guy or gal. But that’s not my point here. If an individual gets rich due to their own hard work and talent – Well Done! I too, like to think of myself as an entrepreneur in a small and humble way…

So the citizens of Greece are having the rest of their lives ‘mortgaged’ as a result of this bailout – while the banks get richer. And it’s not just Greece of course – if you happen to live on Earth – and it hasn’t already happened – it’s coming your way soon…


  • July 1, 2011

The most expensive way to prepare for PMP?

As you might imagine, I get a lot of emails on various aspects of project management training, and in particular, stuff for preparing for the PMP free and best project management tips

I remember back in the 1980’s or so, local newsagents had many regular monthly magazines on some specialist topic or another. For example, gardening, sewing, model making, collectors stuff, and so on. Each month customers would shell out hard cash….fast forward many months later, and they found out that they have paid several hundred pounds on a topic that could have been purchased in a bookstore for a tenth of the price!

Now price is not everything I know, and I’m sure they got lots of enjoyment and anticipation waiting for the next installment…but… take preparing for your PMP exam as an example. I got this in my inbox this morning:

 The “Project Scope Management (PMBOK® Guide – Fourth Edition-aligned)” training bundle consists of the following three courses:

  •  Project Requirements and Defining Scope
  •  Create Work Breakdown Structure
  •  Monitoring and Controlling Project Scope

Online Access (Single User) : EUR 175


This covers just one of my 21 PMP Video Modules, and doesn’t even include practice exam questions and answers (like mine does).

Now 175 Euros is around £158 or $250 USD – which puts the total cost of this training up around the $5000 USD mark… It seems a tad expensive to me, so what if you could get the whole $5000 course for say just £67 GBP.

What’s more, YOU can download it immediately –  to find out more, just jump on over to HERE


  • Dave
  • June 29, 2011

Having trouble remembering peoples names?

Okay, so I’m in a reflective mood – in particular thinking about the soft skills of management. No, not team building or leadership – something more fundamental.

What triggered this blog, was having a business meeting with a business project partner tonight. You see, he has a photographic memory – yeah, I know, how many times have you heard that phrase – but it’s true in Darren’s case. He really is amazing. His skills are built-in. The rest of us have to struggle.

But I remember some 10 years ago, I was watching a programme on TV that featured memory skills – but went a step further than the usual techniques you may have already heard of…

Now I tried some of these, and although would not call myself a ‘memory man’ by any measure, I did find that they worked – spooky Eh?!

So try this if you dare:-

Think of a part of your house that you are VERY familiar with – it might be your hallway or your kitchen for example. Maybe even your office space. Whatever.

Now concentrate. I want you to initially close your eyes and remember particular features/objects of that area. If it’s your hallway, enter by the front door, and LOOK to your left to your left and right – what do you see?

Pick out particular items – the hall mirror, the picture by the stairs, the cupboard, the ornament…etc….find about 10 or 12 objects that you are VERY familiar with. Got Them?

The human brain is a powerful database isn’t it? See how vividly you have remembered these familiar objects?

Okay, so here’s the transition you have been waiting for…

Suppose, you are meeting several new clients and you are introduced to them one at a time. Suppose the first name is Bob. Think of the first object as you walk in your front door – lets say it is a mirror. In an instant, relate Bob in some way with that mirror – perhaps see yourself ‘bobbing down’ to avoid your reflection.

Job Done. Because you have ‘tied’ Bob with that familiar object – when you see him again you see yourself ‘bobbing down’ and remember his name – instantly.

The more humorous or stupid (or even rude) you can make the analogy, the easier you will remember him. Does this take practice? Of course!

But try it – and prepare to be amazed at yourself…meeting clients, seminars and parties will be so much more fun after this.

Oh yes. And in case you’re thinking that rembering a person from an ‘analogous thought’ is common knowledge – becasue you have made the tie between a familiar relationship – such as your kitchen, bedroom, etc – the results are FAR more powerful…


  • April 5, 2011

PRINCE2 For Senior Managers – Directing a Project

I remember that whenever I held a PRINCE2 training event, there were always cries of “you need to get my boss to attend”. By the end of the week I knew exactly what they meant. You see, senior managers also need to get savvy about providing direction to PRINCE2 projects, after all, it will make their lives (and their success) so much better!

A handful of PRINCE2 training companies do offer some form of project board briefing, usually for one day and at a cost of several hundred pounds. Not many folks get round to attending though – as I can testify to after some 15 years of delivering PRINCE2 live training seminars.

And you know, it’s not normally the money that stops senior managers – it’s the time. All that travel, staying in a hotel overnight, attending the event and travelling back. It knocks a big 2 day timechunk out of a busy exective’s agenda…

The foks at the Office of Government Commerce have even created a companion manual to the standard PRINCE2 – and called it “Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2”

But again, for the busy senior manager – it’s a bit of a dry and text-dense read…

So I’ve come to the rescue (sound the trumpets please….)

Hot off the press (I’m just doing the final rendering of the videos), I’ll be launching my Directing a Project Primer tomorrow, the 2 April 2011.

I’ve designed it as just 8 ‘easy to watch and listen’ video modules with an accompanying full colour workbook. You could watch the whole thing easily over a weekend with around 6 to 7 hours total viewing.

Reserve your copy now at my special ‘early bird’ price for the first 100 customers…

Go home Friday night as Clark Kent – arrive Monday morning as a Hero project director…

To check out the whole thing – CLICK HERE

  • April 1, 2011

Directing Successful Projects With PRINCE2

At Last! For countless years I have been bombarded with requests to teach the skills of PRINCE2 Directing a Project to Project Board members. Two years ago the OGC brought out a new accompanying Manual to PRINCE2 – and called it ‘Directing Successful Projects with PRINCE2’.

So I finally did it. I have completed a brand new 8 Video and supporting Workbook based on the above book, and called it my Project Board Briefing Primer.

It’s aimed exclusively at those senior managers who are either already sitting on PRINCE2 Project Boards or will soon be in the near future. Even senior managers who need to focus on those parts of PRINCE2 that they wish to learn more about…

You see, senior managers are normally too busy running the organization to spare time attending training events – yet they are the folks that sponsor, underwrite, or sit on Project Boards for PRINCE2 projects. These folks NEED to know about PRINCE2 from the senior management helicopter viewpoint.

Well, they can rest up now, because I’ve created  a Step By Step 8 – Video downloadable Project Board Briefing Primer that can be watched and absorbed over just a weekend. You can watch and learn at your own time and pace.  


Leave work on a Friday night – and return on Monday morning confidently able to provide PRINCE2 Project Board Direction! 

Find out how YOU can learn the art and skills of a Project Board Member – CLICK HERE

  • March 21, 2011

My PMP Primer Hits The Streets!

Paint Me Happy!

Today I have just released my Brand New PMP Primer – the world’s first entirely downloadable PMP training course. It comes complete with a phenomenal 21- Module Video Reference Library, with an amazing 289 exercises….

But it gets better, my PMP Primer contains 360 PMP exam questions AND answers all on an entertaining PowerPoint Slide Show – betcha can’t put it down…

Right now, I’m offering it to my subscribers for an amazing $127 (about £78). When you consider that less effective PMP ‘training’ is charging over $600…hmm, tough choice Eh?

It has taken me since last summer to carefully sculpt and create this PMP training product, and I was determined not to release it until it was as good as I could make it.

And I can tell you I am exhausted – but with a big smile on my face, because I am over the moon with the quality and content of this, my latest Primer.

The downloadable videos have been recorded in High Quality 800 by 600 MPEG-4 video files, and they will look sweet on your PC, Notebook, or even iPod…

As is usual, I have broken down the complex 2011 PM Body of Knowledge Syllabus in Easy Step-By-Step Bite Sized Chunks, so you can absorb the training at a time and place that suits you – no classroom cramming over an intensive 5 days away from the office (while you’re STILL spending the hotel evenings trying to run your project and the office!)

I’m pleased to put my name to this, my brand new PMP Primer, and it will help YOU enormously on your path to become a Project Management Professional.


Check it out HERE 


  • February 28, 2011