August 6

PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Coach


PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Coach

Do YOU need to pass the PRINCE2 exam … ASAP?

I Will Personally Work With You To PASS The PRINCE2 Exam First Time ~ GUARANTEED!

Meet Dave LittenPRINCE2 Trainer Of Trainers & The Worlds #1 PRINCE2 Exam Coach

I’m Dave Litten & I’m only on this page digitally, so at this very moment I’m probably playing ‘fetch the squeaky’ with my lunatic dog Rango in the pool (I live in Spain) or enjoying a Cortado with my wife Jude.

PRINCE2 Trainer Of Trainers & The Worlds #1 PRINCE2 Exam Coach

But YOU … you my friend are reading this in real time right now, and your time is valuable, right?

Personal 1:1 Coaching With Only ONE Outcome: Pass The PRINCE2 Exam!

Stop reading this page if …

  • You have already passed the Prince2 Practitioner Exam, because this coaching is obviously not for you. Congrats, now scoot
  • You definitely WILL have to take the exam at some point, but it’s not important to you in the next 60 days (this month or next)so circle back here when you’re ready
  • You ARE taking the exam soon but still feel you can get all you need to pass fromvideos (zero feedback, videos don’t answer questions & you have to get past everything you already know)
  • You believe one day you will magically realize what you don’t know (my coaching is ONLY about discovering what you DON’T know, not re filling your head with what you already know)
  • You have already decided you need my 1:1 personal coaching but right now … you can’t access the €640 for a place on THIS months program with yours truly, the Worlds #1 PRINCE2 Exam Coach & Trainer Of Trainers™

Still here? Then we are a fit


I know this because there is absolutely no doubt, I CAN deliver the outcome & get you Certified (like all my happy past students)


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