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Regular part time income


Hello there, and a very warm welcome – My name is Dave Litten, and I will be your guide and teacher as I show you step-by-step how to build your own online business and make a regular part-time income by creating online products.

This will be the first of many blog posts showing you exactly how I have done it, and giving you a simple step-by-step breakdown in full detail.

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It’s crucial right from the outset that you have the right mindset about your new business and for That is that reason the first few modules of this being the first I want you to get mentally in the zone and the considerable opportunity that’s waiting for you to earn part-time income.

This will require work and effort from your time upfront to put this in place, but having done so, the financial benefits to you will be significant. I’m certainly not a millionaire and I never will be, however I do have a very stable and regular part-time income, which has allowed me to become financially independent.

Regular part time income 1

Put simply, I have more than enough money coming in each month to pay for my living expenses and that includes my family, of course.

It’s essential you get to know and trust who exactly it is that will be teaching you so before we get into any further details, it’s important that I impress upon you that I have no unique talents, no special skills I’m not better than average, and no, I didn’t get lucky either.

The secret businesses are hiding in plain sight, and those insiders secrets don’t make me any brighter than average.

Health Warning:

Jump on YouTube and put in the term “online income” I’ll bet you continuously see the phrase “Passive Earning”. There is no such thing, you have to put the time, energy and work in upfront while keeping it updated and fresh. Just like a traditional job in fact!

Regular part time income 2

I’m going to share everything with you because I want you two to be as successful as I am now, I have worked and lived in countries across the world since around 1990.

When the internet exploded on the scene around the mid-90s, I created my first online information product, it was a downloadable eBook.

It was reasonably successful but nothing earth-shattering, and I ran my online business part-time until around 2006, which coincidentally was the time I left the UK to live in Spain where I still live.

Although my income in the early days was around one to two to three thousand UKP a month coming in by around 2006, I started getting much more significant numbers, in fact getting close to 6000 UKP a month.

So I jumped ship, stopped travelling the world, and decided to focus on growing my business here in Spain.

Now It only takes about 30 minutes administration each day once it’s set up and this is mainly emails

However, don’t run away with the idea That’s all you’ll need because as you know I make products I create them from scratch and often, I’ll be putting in six to eight hours a day for several weeks if not several months to build that training product.

Once it’s up and running, then I can sit back, and simply administer it, which is quite straight forward.

Now I’m not rich by any standard, but I am financially free and because my income comes from the internet, I can live anywhere I choose. As it happens, my wife who’s from the Philippines, own a small property in the Philippines and It’s pretty easy for me to pack up my notebook and catch a flight and stay there for a few months.

For the last 18 years, I’ve been making money online for what is called management products because I happen to be a project manager by background, are naturally enough, I wrote about that.

I could have chosen one of many hobbies that I had, but that’s the decision I made way back then. Since then, I have found a better way to chose – find a topic that folks are looking for with not much competition.

And it’s important that you compare and contrast that with a lot of the nonsense that you get on The internet is usually from young men – bragging about how they’ve got flash cars, large houses, lots of girlfriends and they can make 2,000 pounds a week just one week after starting.

All they’re doing is selling you internet marketing, but they’ve never made the products that they’re telling you to make to become as rich as they are. That’s the difference between myself and the rest.

When I first started producing products online, I got some help from a friend of mine who’s in Leeds, a brilliant man who helped me in the early days by giving advice and guidance on how to set up a business model so that it worked.

Back last year, due to his insistence, he said I really should Create a product that shows other folks how to do what I do I’ve been doing it. So he said why don’t you stop make management products for a few months and help share how you can do this with other folks across the world.

So I did, back in the late 2017’s.

There’s something like seven point six billion people on the planet right now, and a substantial percentage of them are online. And if you’re having trouble thinking what seven point six billion people look like I don’t blame you it’s so large that the human brain can’t even comprehend it.

Suppose you produced a simple little product that you sold for twenty-seven euros out of seven point six billion people, how hard Would it be to find, say, a hundred each month to buy it.

I’m sure you’ve done the maths already bringing you a nice income of two thousand seven hundred euros a month and unlike traditional brick-built businesses, such as someone taking out a business loan to rent a shop premises

They have to stock it and pay the loan each month, possibly pay staff and so on and so forth before they even make a single penny profit, whereas if you produce your business online like I have, the costs are astronomically low.

I pay about two hundred dollars a year in total for my website, my domain name and the software that goes with it, and I’ll show you in a later blog how you can set up your first website for around twenty euros – so earning money online is very easy to get into far easier than traditional brick-built businesses.

I do want to impress upon you that anyone can do this. I’ll say again I’ve got no special skills I’ve never written a single line of software in my life, I use the most basic applications on my computer to run my business, and I have no idea how the internet works at a technical level.

Regular part time income 3

A significant factor you need to keep dead-centre is that there are people all around the world right now who are sitting at their computers and typing in Search words to find and learn what you already know, and you’re probably thinking to yourself, well, information is free, you can go into Google for any search term and can get an answer to just about any question you wish.

That’s entirely true but you see, you won’t be selling information, you will be selling the transformation of sales because you’ll be providing a solution to potential customers across the world, and you’ll be transforming their lives in some way by providing that solution.

Just because you can type in search words on Google and find out just about anything – getting a complete solution to people’s problems could take weeks, and then having to tie all the various strands of bits of information together and putting it into a workable solution.

That’s why people will buy what you have to sell now. I use all of these online places point to my eager customers to my products and it’s relatively straightforward, so, YouTube, yes, I’ve put videos up there.

I certainly use Google Adwords, and most of my sales have come unbelievably from simple email I’ve also occasionally used Amazon and Google, and something called Kindle Direct Publishing.

I’ve put two books up there and I make money from that as well and although I’ll show you how to do that much later, it’s not the primary model that I’m going to teach you.

I’ve occasionally sold things on eBay, there’s an opportunity there, which I’ll share with you as well, and I also use Facebook to help drive customers to my website. After All there is one point six billion users on Facebook. I’m on LinkedIn, which is quite a significant source of advertising, as well as Twitter.

Regular part time income 4

What I like about this business is I don’t need to be face-to-face with customers, I’m not selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door here, it’s all done by the software, which suits me just fine.

Now, over the first few blogs, as I’ve said I want to get you in the right mindset, and this is important.

I’m sure Right now, you’re itching to know how to make your products, and you want to Roll up your sleeves and get started. That brings us nicely to the end of this blog, so do join me in the next step to making a living


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