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I’ll be brief.

Amongst the first activities a project manager will normally be focussed on with a new project, is determining what its scope and objectives are. And this is usually the first point at which confusion arises – mainly because different folks have different opinions, but also because your customers/users will not have thought this through.

Typically in the world of IT, the project will have been based on a pile of requirements or functionalities. This is fine and good as these will lead to determining the design, but they are downright dangerous if used alone.

A good mental approach here is to use the “So What?” test. For each specification or requirement, ask ‘so what?’ This is lead to articulating what the end game is for each. Take for example a system needing a certain speed of response. Asking ‘so what?’ repeatedly, will lead to an understanding of why such speed is critical.

But what I really want to talk about is the nest step. Writing S-M-A-R-T project goals and objectives (these also work brilliantly to develop you as an individual too!).

So for each project goal or objective, you write down clearly:

  • Specific. describe exactly what this goal is…
  • Measurable. capture the measurable units, how you will measure and who will measure
  • Attainable. discus with customer/team and ensure that this objective is realistic
  • Relevant.  this ties back to the scope, make sure it is within the boundaries of the project
  • Time Bound. state the time frame of the objective itself as well as any timings within the objective

These are often best obtained in a workshop where discussion/trade-offs, Since you are S.M.A.R.T already, why not hop on over HERE to get ahead of the pack and invest in our Projex Academy Membership of project management-focused training HERE!


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