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Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster


The Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster is a gorgeous re-recreation of the 1954 Fender Stratocaster. It was a Signature and Limited Edition model (total worldwide units, only 1,500)

It was made in Japan and reaching (as history shows) to generally surpass American Fender guitars in its first two years of production.

It’s a limited edition of 1500 with the Hank Marvin signature on the headstock (Serial Number K014989).

I have replaced all the hardware and pickups and shielded all the wood cavities. All hardware and the bridge/wang bar have been upgraded with premium gold fittings.

I bought it from Nevada Music in Portsmouth. They had ordered four of them, and as I was the first customer to buy, I got to choose the one that played and sounded best (in my opinion).

It’s an authentic Fender instrument with a hard rock maple neck as well as being a signature model. Mine has never been gigged and rarely used.

My Hank Marvin Squier Signature Stratocaster is in pristine perfect showroom mint condition.

There are ZERO bumps, dents, dings, or scratches on the body, neck, and headstock.

It weighs 3.5 Kg.

Hank Marvin has named numerous unique models after him throughout his career, but this Fender Squier Stratocaster is exceptionally good! With specifications from the 50s, this instrument dates from the year 1992. It has a basswood body.

Any Hank Marvin fan will tell you that his early imported Fender Stratocaster was different from the regular Fiesta Red, and has been called Flamingo Pink.

The Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster colour is more of a creamy red/orange as you can see from my pictures, and this alone makes it very special.

The body finish is polyurethane, with a matt varnish Maple Neck. This looks way better than those highly varnished 1980 Stratocasters!

The 21-fret skunk stripe neck scale length is 25.5¨(648 mm), with a nut width of 1.650¨(42 mm). It has a walnut plug radius of 7,25¨(184mm) Spaghetti Logo Small Headstock.

My MIJ Squier Hank Marvin SIgnature is one of the rare guitars that are hard to come by nowadays, and I was privileged enough to get my hands on my Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster – still love its tone and quality.

Apart from his signature on the scratchplate as well as the headstock, my Squier Hank Marvin Signature Model surpasses the one in this video:

Hey, check out the crunched and damaged headstock alone … then look at mine below …

Squier Hank Marvin Signature

I took the opportunity to reduce the hum and noise and totally coat the inside of the pickups and electronic cavities with heavy-duty aluminum foil (much better than copper as it also stops RF noise from appliances like computers and microwaves – they didn´t have that stuff back in the ’50s!)

Squier Stratocaster Hank Marvin

EVERYTHING was replaced – hardware, pickups, electrics, and the usual vintage pick-guard and rear cavity cover.
ALL the hardware comes from a range of gold parts. I also added a brand new gold Wilkinson wang bar – it plopped straight into the Squier, and feels really smooth….(see below)

The remaining unmarked original parts are the neck and body. I have attached a handful of pictures showing the electrical shielding steps of the guitar cavities.

I added a vintage single-ply pick-guard which is FAR better than the Fender version as it has full reverse side coverage with shielding pre-installed….all I had to do was screw it down to the body to get an automatic electrical bond with the cavity shielding and new electrics.

Vintage Style Stratocaster Single Coil Pickups
Fantastic Alnico pickups with an authentic vintage sound

Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster

Equally as good as Fender’s own American standard pickups, with clear chimey tones and authentic vintage sound. Featuring 52mm staggered alnico V magnets, fibreboard bobbins, and braided hookup wire.

Vintage Style Single Coil Pickups For Stratocaster with Staggered Poles featuring:

  • Magnets: Alnico V
  • Neck Pickup: 6.3k
  • Middle Pickup: 6.4k
  • Bridge Pickup: 6.6k
  • Pole Spacing:52mm
  • Middle Pickup RWRP for hum-cancelling
Squier Stratocaster Hank Marvin
Squier Stratocaster Hank Marvin
Squier Stratocaster Hank Marvin
Squier Stratocaster Hank Marvin
Squier Stratocaster Hank Marvin

My advancing age forces me to sell my treasured Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster to a deserving owner, so if that is you – drop me an email – see below.

By the way, here is a review of this very rare Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster. Be aware, this guy is talking about the standard hardware and pickups (which I can tell you, were NOT that great … which is why I replaced all the hardware and electronics.)
Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster

The original parts were of poor Korean quality including all the electronics – so I replaced them all. My upgrades have made my Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster unique…

Wanna see what “average owners” are bragging out as “mint” and “pristine” – trying to get you to part with $1,300 plus? Ouch! Check out the picture below notice all the dents around the headstock? Now check out mine for comparison!

What exactly is “mint” about dented and faded wood?

Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster 1
This is NOT “mint”

The original pickups were harsh-sounding ceramic, with just a bar magnet underneath, whereas my replacements have individual staggered pole pieces and sound smooth.

Now check out my Squier Stratocaster Hank Marvin Special Edition – smooth as silk with replaced gold tuning heads for precise tuning and stability:

Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster 2

Notice a difference?

Are you interested in owning this unique 30-year old pristine and upgraded Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster?

Offers over 1,222 Euros accepted.


Hank Marvin, Squier MIJ Hank Marvin Signature Stratocaster

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