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April 14, 2013

Agile Project Management Primer

Agile Project ManagementYes Folks, the launch date of my Agile Project Management Primer is still to come, and right now I estimate around June 2013.

You can however, download my free Agile Project Management Overview eBook HERE! but as yet, I’m still up to my ears in recording multiple video modules for my Primer…

Now you might be asking “If you’re such a great project manager, how come the launch date is slipping?”

Fair question.

The answer is ‘priorities’

See, I’m currently in the Philippines and due to return in 4 weeks and find a new home in Spain, as you may imagine, there’s lots of priorities being snatched from my time and energy, let alone the transition into a new timezone.

Add to that, there was a new PMBOK  launched in January of this year, and the new exams come into effect on 31 July – OUCH!

My PMP Primer is also being totally re-recorded in HD to ensure you pass the new PMI syllabus

So although I’m poised to start video recording on my Agile Project Management Primer, I’m quite rightly, getting bucket-loads of emails asking when I am going to update my PMP Primer…

You may know that the Agile Methodology takes the project requirements and prioritises them using the MoSCoW technique, but unfortunately, both are ‘Must Haves’. So I’m balancing my time between doing both at once, and as the 31 July comes closer, the PMP Primer update becomes ever more vital.

The one thing you can be sure of, is that my time and energy are working flat out on both of them…I’ll keep you all posted.

October 14, 2011

Sculpture Gareth Knowles iTribute to Steve Jobs

There were many good rerasons for me to live on one of the three Montepego mountains in the mediteranean Spanish costas, lifestyle, climate and the views for a start. But the micro-climate that engulfs the mountains seems to atract it’s own share of celebrities too…

A few doors up from my villa is the amazing comedian Dave Spikey, and yet further up the mountain lives the music producer who introduced the UK to reggie via the likes of Desmond Dekker.

But I want to talk about my near neighbour buddie the sculpter Gareth Knowles who was born with  an incredible talent, and with the very recent passing of Steve Jobs has created a sculpture bust of Steve. He started by taking a bite out of an apple, and built the sculpture around it.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered that Gareth had been time-lapse videoed as he sculpted Steve Jobs ‘back to life’ via his iTribute creation.

You really should check out Gareth’s website at https://www.garethknowles.com, but first enjoy his video here: