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Dave Litten…

…Welcome To The Home Of My Project Management and Lifestyle Masterclass Training Courses


Psssst … Dave ‘007’ Litten here – Greetings from a (not so) secret location in the sun!

After years of working undercover as an IT boffin and project manager in England … for the Americans … I dropped my guard one day and was captured!

Despite it being highly classified information – somehow the mastermind of a huge training company had discovered I was one of a very select underground group who actually had PRINCE2 lecture credentials – so I was bundled into the back of a truck and made an offer I couldn’t refuse.

And that’s how, in 1995, I mysteriously disappeared one day only to re emerge, re invented with a new identity, appearing in public … boldly teaching Project Management … LIVE!

However … unknown to my new masters … I was also working on a secret side-project of my own. I had a VISION – a much better system of Project Management training delivery than they had ever imagined. But this time, no one was going to steal my genius ideas!

Frustrated with the quality of the materials I had to present with every day, I just knew I could create a far easier and more structured learning environment for my more renegade and adventurous students.

Thanks to constant vigilance, the end of the nineties saw me secretly publish my first online book for those wishing to master the Project Management methodology … using The Litten Method™

My new method made use of the way we all naturally learn. I had always known that we humans think in pictures, so without permission, I went ahead and harnessed that power by making the learning fun and easy … now using PowerPoint slides full of colourful graphics and videos!

The Litten Method™ was an instant hit!

By ‘painting’ the key points into my students brains using simple structured colour graphics sequences, something almost magical happened – I doubled and even tripled my students ability to learn and remember – and they were passing their exams – hundreds of them!

It WORKED. I decided there and then I HAD to break out and go it alone

It was now or never.  After months of careful planning, one day I slipped past the HR department, through the main gate, and made my bid for freedom … and never looked back.

I was FREE to create an elegant yet simple series of online project management related VIDEO Masterclass which have since been constantly tweaked and honed to perfection – and this, my ‘magnificent obsession’ has given me a great lifestyle, doing what I love, living large on the Costa Blanca coastline in Spain while helping HUNDREDS of previously overwhelmed PRINCE2 and project management students pass their exams with ease

Fast forward to the present

Today, on this website, I am proud to have over 1200 potential student visits every day, where my Project Management Masterclass range is sold in nearly 163 countries and regions across the world.

Back when I was a gun for hire it would cost you £650 a day to have me teach Project Management live, and that was 15 years ago – so even those large and expensive classroom training organisations that you can find in major cities couldn’t afford me to teach a room now.

Looking For a Premium Personal PRINCE2 Study Coach For Your Practitioner?

Let me lift the exam weight from your shoulders as I provide you with regular, one-to-one personal coaching study sessions on your road to PRINCE2 Practitioner

This is the highest level of coaching for PRINCE2 Practitioner preparation by one of the sharpest PRINCE2 minds.

Get the PRINCE2 Credit You Deserve. Connect with an Elite PRINCE2 Study Coach, and blaze Your Way to PRINCE2 Practitioner

Find out more HERE!


You CAN hire me as your virtual mentor, to coach you through Project Management using The Litten Method™.

I’m excited to show you a much more practical, step-by-step and cost-effective approach to become accredited in the exciting aspects of project management, so you can grow your career opportunities, promotion and salary increases.

Better yet, I found out how to use my project management skills to give me a financially independent lifestyle and do what I always wanted – to run my own show and never work for a boss again…

Any questions? – Email me at:  dave(at)davelitten(dot)com

Project Management Training

You know that investing in growing your knowledge, skills and experience is the single best personal objective to have, but much like me, it is sometimes difficult in our busy professional and personal lives to find the time (and money) to invest in ourselves.

The Project Management Training Solution.

I have developed a wide range of project-related streaming video training products under the MASTERCLASS brand name. In addition, I also run project management training seminars across the world, and I am a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.

The Masterclass Range


Founded way back in 1997, I also spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and have deep experience in project management

I believe in challenging the current way that project management training is delivered. My video training Masterclasses are beautifully designed, simple to absorb in easy steps, and are downloaded direct to your computer.

Project Management is a life-skill.

No matter what industry you work in, no matter what position you hold. No matter what specialist skills you have acquired. Project Management knowledge, skills and experience will help you become better at your life’s chosen profession.

Most traditional ‘0ff-the-job’ project management training courses have been done in the classroom. Books may be used to supplement this, but it has been proven that face-to-face multimedia training works best in terms of the delegate absorption and their ability to apply it after the course.

The trouble is, that classroom training is expensive and intensive. It also has a very high learning curve. Add to this the fact that the individual delegate has to compete for tutor attention, and you can see how traditional classroom training has not always been effective.

This is where online training scores hands-down.

Creating high quality, high-definition, streaming videos with clear and structured supporting documentation has been my objective since the year 1999. I call these Masterclasses – want To Own One?

Take Action Now – Click on a link to find out full details of each Masterclass.

I wish you Good Luck on advancing your project management career and salary!




Want To Own A Masterclass? 

Check These out:





Fresh and New for 2019 the Project Management Fundamentals Masterclass

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APM Project Management Fundamentals Masterclass

How To Stop Pulling Your Hair Out Trying To Learn How To Manage Projects. Anyone can learn and apply this Toolkit…from rookie project team members to veteran business managers who are seeing amazing results directly due to my advice, tactics and strategies.

I Will Show You An Easy Step-By-Step Masterclass

Stream and download this VIDEO based Self-Paced course That You Can Learn From In Your Spare Time AND An Obscenely Simple Way To Fast Track Your Career and Salary – particularly in a Recession!

Unravel Project Management Secrets with my New Project Management Primer Toolkit Learn What The Best Project Managers Know, Say and Do. 

Shift Your Career into the Fast Lane…and become Recession-Proof!

Hi Dave

I have become your fan. I completed Module ONE last week. Your way of teaching is amazing.

I am seeing a big change in the way I have started thinking. After a long time, i am at last feeling confident to climb up to the next level. The tool kit is invaluable… I have now completed watching the video of Module TWO. The info which I was looking for (cost benefit analysis) is explained in this module superbly with great clarity. And I am thrilled to listen to your videos and read the module pdf’s. You are my GURU. I can see myself becoming a professional IT project manager and beyond. My journey has begun!


  • The Potent Key Of  PROJECT DEFINITION™


Not only do you get my 5-Day $870 Project Management Primer
20-VIDEO Training Toolkit…
You Also Get These Personal Development Aids and Tools

Turn Your Team Into A Fighting Force.

I found these to be the most simple, and effective Team Building Tools I have ever used. They quickly help me select the right team, get them in great shape, and working at peak performance. I have created this unique e-book as a people development tool for you. It includes:

  • Project Management Behavioral Profile
  • Building Strong Teams
  • What makes for successful teams?
  • Why do some teams “work” — yet others do not?
  • Team Motivation
  • Key Areas for the Project Manager
  • Motivation Questionnaire
  • Team Management Styles
  • Choosing an Appropriate Style
  • Nobody’s Perfect – But A Team Can Be
  • Leadership Skills
  • Some Common Characteristics in Effective Leaders
  • Vision – Involvement – Persistence
  • Choosing a Leadership Style
  • Leadership Traits
  • Influencing Skills 

 Potent Time Management Tips The Pro’s Use

For those of you with a busy schedule (who doesn’t!), get more done and
shave up to an hour off each work day with these potent techniques.

This Toolkit Includes unique project management time techniques


The Budget and Schedule PREDICTOR

Allows you to forecast delivery date and budget and probability

Phew! you haven’t seen anything like this before!

Enter some very specific key project data into this Excel spreadsheet, and automatically calculate Confidence Factors generated for your project end date and budget spend.

The Risk Matrix Analyzer is a TUNEABLE TOOLKIT For Effective Risk Management

Download this Excel software onto your Notebook for effortless analysis and management of risk for any assignment or project.

Learn how to customize it and build a powerhouse database for managing and controlling risk in any project!

My PM Training Course can be simply learned in weeks – within the comfort of your own home – and at a time and pace that suits you. Just the first weekend with it will give you all of the basics.

You get 524 pages packed with 368 full color diagrams, and 25 Exercises plus 20 Video Lessons to support your learning of new skills and techniques.

I reveal the techniques and tricks of the trade used by the Most Accomplished Project Managers.

Want to know more? CLICK HERE

You will become competent in all these areas of Project Management:

  • How to scale and tailor the Method to fit ANY SIZE OF PROJECT. I showcase the detailed structure of large, medium and small projects – but then go on to show you Micro – and even Nano Project Structures including Flow Diagrams.

    This alone will put you 10 steps ahead of even the most experienced project managers

  • How to craft the project Terms Of Reference so that it engages all key Stakeholders. Key staff and users are drawn in and feel involved and committed you’ll never feel “on your own” again.
  • Why the so-called ‘Holy Triangle’ is really a pyramid. Here I reveal some of my closely guarded secrets to encourage management to prioritize capabilities early in the project and avoid the deadly embrace of ‘scope-creep’ – keep your customers, users, and management on your side.
  • The project’s built-in ‘virus’ that can kill success. I will show you how to virtually eliminate it right from the start of the project to ensure precious benefits are realized. This is a strategy that I developed for a world-wide client. This alone is worth more than the entire tuition.
  • The ‘FABU’ triangle and how you must employ it in order to bring your project to a successful close. Teach this to your top management and you will have their attention and support in a heart-beat. This is the driving force behind any project – all you have to do is drive!
  • The Project Plan document on its own, will not give you enough information to control and manage — I’ll give you the missing links to ensure delivery of the end-product is as easy as a ripe apple dropping into your hand
  • I show you the right way to design and appoint the project organization. Harness this with a few ‘psychological tactics’ and you will have a ‘Super-Team’ to help deliver the project. Senior management will now be in partnership with you and will feel duty-bound to protect project success
  • I showcase my best-performing risk analysis techniques, and dissect them blow-by-blow — revealing every device, trick, and strategy that goes into creating a professionally risk-managed project.
  • How to create the million-dollar blueprint for nailing down each and every business benefit –and then decoding each into the Project Plan. I have only seen this mentioned once before — Your new skill will stop management dead in their tracks – prepare to be much in-demand!
  • The path to planning project quality is strewn with clichés and good intentions – yet this most proficient approach uses just nine riveting elements. Build these into the bedrock of your plan and get a handsome return on investment from your business.
  • Why task and resource-based planning is the same old rehashed and regurgitated planning stuff. Sure you need to do it – and I reveal little-known methods to nail it down solid, but you are missing out the three project-critical techniques that you must do first. This is quite literally a goldmine that I’ve never divulged before
  • Sure, most project managers can calculate the critical path — but how many of ‘me can decode and utilize it throughout the project? I teach you all three — so no matter what time or resource-critical problems you have – you provide a solution. Others just get brain-fog!
  • If estimating is so easy, then why do most folks just ‘guess’? Using my toolbox of fourteen techniques you will get a significantly higher conversion rate of planned to actual task outcomes.
  • There are over 25 standard controls in every project – most managers can only name ten – could this one undisclosed fact be the reason for many project and business failures? Since you’ll learn them all, you’ll have the secret codes that spell project and business success!
  • The one deadly ambiguity in tracking project progress is a sprung trap waiting to happen. Get this wrong and it’s like fanning the flames of failure with gasoline. Fixing it is easy, and you don’t even need a yard hose!
  • Earned Value Analysis was invented in the good ‘ole USA – and has been confusing the heck out of managers ever since – yet it’s a chipper all managers need in their golf-cart. I’ll get your heart beating faster after I explain it in simple non-math terms.
  • Prepare for a Masterclass in sure-footed benefits management. This information plus my tools and techniques will give you the skills that less than one in ten thousand project managers know. It puts you head and shoulders above the rest. When you get this down cold, management will tear down your door to have you on their team.

…here’s how the Project Management Primer is Structured:


  …here’s a quick peek inside:

Dave, I am only on Module 1 Lesson 2 and I love every minute of it!!!!! As I am watching the video, I am also using word to type up “notes” to review later…. This is awesome, what a great learn!!!

Brandon Aylesworth
United States

Want to know more? CLICK HERE

how delightful to be here

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So here is a test blog from the nephew of Dave Litten – I’m nicknamed CDN from the esteemed Uncle and I will leave it up to you to decipher this little puzzle and figure out the etymology of the C.D.N.

As an computer chap – or geek as I’m frequently described – it’s been a pleasure setting up Uncle Bucks website…

This is a just a test BLOG entry make sure the new Adsense injection is working, voting module is voting and acidfree Image module is… erm… imaging

I am a grandad

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At the ripe old age of 62, I have at last been converted into a Grandad!!

My Son Matthew and his lovely wife Hannah have presented me with a Grandaughter –  Florence Litten.  She was born 15th January 2009 at 11:15 am weighing 7pounds and 14 ounces. Luckily for Matthew she has her mothers beautiful blue eyes!

My job on this planet is now complete – two generations of Litten genes unleashed upon the world…..

Paint Me Happy!