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PRINCE2 Roadmap and Walkthrough

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Funny thing computers, they start out as pristine towers of high-tech…and end up as a pile-of-files glory hole. It’s normally about this time that they start to slow down due to all the junk you’ve collected, and you start thinking about getting a new one…

So there I was a few days ago, trying to stop the rot by having a bit of a tidy up (aren’t those ‘duplicate file finder’ applications cool!). When I came across an old JPG that a delegate had taken of my PRINCE2 Roadmap while I was delivering one of my training seminars. Okay, so it was hand-drawn live and would not win any prizes for neatness, but delegates usually tell me later that it was one of the most useful and important sessions in the course.

So I’ve spent the last few hours making a proper PDF out of it, and added my talkthrough text – the result is quite a useful PRINCE2 preparation product. And you can have it for FREE!

Just hop on over to THIS link for a large info-graphic and THIS link for a downloadable PDF that walks you through the whole thing!


Free downloadable Sample PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam with answers!

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As they say in all the best shows, due to popular demand….

I’ve given way, and created a brand new PRINCE2 Sample Practitioner Paper and included the answers!

So to claim your FREE copy of my PRINCE2 Step By Step Guide and download a full-strength SAMPLE Practitioner Exam CLICK HERE
It will give you an easy to read PRINCE2 Step By Step Guide of the PRINCE2 Method – so you can turn up at your training event fully prepared and ready to put the instructor through their paces!
Improve your ability to achieve an exam pass by practicing and honing your exam-taking skills, with my PRINCE2 Sample Practitioner Paper – you get the answers to all the questions -ensuring that you get vital exam practice as well as positioning yourself to get that vital pass-mark!
Let’s meet up again on the inside of our PRINCE2 Masterclass!

Our New PRINCE2 2020 Masterclass

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We’ve just launched our new PRINCE2 2020 Masterclass….I’ve gone into full detail on the slides, ending up with 320 animated PowerPoint slides, which I used to record over 20 hours of step-by-step full motion video tutorial in the form of 28 Step-By-Step Modules..

There’s no padding, no fill, just clear, concise tutorials on every corner of the new Manual. I leave no stone unturned. You get to understand and absorb PRINCE2 in easy bite-sized chunks, so when you turn up at your training course you are already fully prepared to take and pass the Foundation and Practitioner exams!

You also get a massive 200-question QUIZ based on the Foundation exam questions, and 20 in-depth exercises to test the students understanding of key PRINCE2 aspects. As before, I’ve created a Workbook for each of the Modules containing full colour graphics of every single slide.

But it gets better, you also get 21 Practitioner Exam questions and answers.

Get ahead of the queue HERE –  I know you’re gonna like it….