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August 11, 2010
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do I write a blog, a vlog, a clog, a slog?

Late last night, as an awesome Thunder and Lightening storm swept through the Pego valley I was sitting out watching it bang and crash while trying to chart my new digital life.

dave litten diaryIt's been a week since Nick relaunched this Website and the concept of blogging, vlogging and just plain being active on-line is a new one. My mind is definitely working overtime with all the new ideas that Nick spent pressing home.

It's also something that is sometimes hard to focus on with so many other things to work on.  😉

I'm hard at work developing the new PMP Primer product – for all Project Managers involved in the American based Project Management Institute arena (PMP certification) this is going to be a massive boost. I have power point presentations recorded, voice over and classroom lessons video now I just have to use some of Nicks cunning techniques to bring it all into one cohesive product.

I'm stoked!

Check out the countdown at https://www.pm-primer.com

However, Nick is insistent that I keep a regular blog and give you guys a regular update on what I'm working on… I guess the concept works as it focusses my brain every morning on todays goals and what I've achieved since my last blog. Video Logs are going to be a more and more active part of the site.

Check the polls and let me know which kind of blog you would rather watch: https://www.davelitten.com/poll/what-best-way-keep-diary