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October 14, 2011

Sculpture Gareth Knowles iTribute to Steve Jobs

There were many good rerasons for me to live on one of the three Montepego mountains in the mediteranean Spanish costas, lifestyle, climate and the views for a start. But the micro-climate that engulfs the mountains seems to atract it’s own share of celebrities too…

A few doors up from my villa is the amazing comedian Dave Spikey, and yet further up the mountain lives the music producer who introduced the UK to reggie via the likes of Desmond Dekker.

But I want to talk about my near neighbour buddie the sculpter Gareth Knowles who was born with  an incredible talent, and with the very recent passing of Steve Jobs has created a sculpture bust of Steve. He started by taking a bite out of an apple, and built the sculpture around it.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I discovered that Gareth had been time-lapse videoed as he sculpted Steve Jobs ‘back to life’ via his iTribute creation.

You really should check out Gareth’s website at https://www.garethknowles.com, but first enjoy his video here: