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So You Wanna Be A Project Manager Eh?

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For those of you wishing to become an accredited Project Manager, and go on to forge your career in that direction, you need to check out our APM Fundamentals Masterclass

The Association Of Project Managers is the finest proof you can get that you are a capable project manager. Our APM Fundamentals Masterclass is based on the Fundamentals Certificate, including the exam – and it tracks the official Syllabus to the letter – so you won’t miss a thing!

It’s a set of 7 videos, it not only comes with a workbook, but also, and here’s the kicker, a set of 120 real APM PMF exam Questions and Answers to help test and hone your knowledge and application.

You’ll be able to turn up for the exam/training 100% prepared to pass!

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The 80/20 Rule in Action

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I have a Clever-Dick Nephew Nick who lives in Las Vegas USA, and ‘CDN’ paid me a surprise visit for my recent birthday. Apart from the fun and affection of having his giant personality bubbling around me, we had a man-to-man chat about my business and lifestyle. Now I consider myself as a reasonable manager, but thanks to his insights, I found out I had become, well, a little defocused.

See, I had loads of new projects brimming inside my fertile brain and by golly, was I working hard on several of them when he turned up. But I wasn’t getting the results I was expecting.

To cut a long story short, he held a gun to my head (so to speak) and forced me to make a detailed list of all of my projects, assignments, ideas and what-have-you. My Daughter Carina was great at taking notes. Within an hour she had filled several pages of detail.

Then came the voodoo. CDN said let’s make up a spreadsheet, factor in several aspects of each project, invent a prioritization formula, and press calculate…

We found the 20% of my project ideas that will give me 80% of the success. Job Done. Wish I’d have kicked my own arse first through….

The hallmark of a good teacher is to learn their own lessons first – you can see how I did that by creating this center for project management excellence!

The More Things Change – The More They Stay The Same

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I haven’t been sleeping too well recently, in that I keep waking at 04:30 or thereabouts, and I’m darned if I can get back to sleep…

I usually toss and turn for about 45 minutes, give up and get up. A cup of tea or coffee later, and I’m beavering away at my PC.

I think I know what’s at the heart of it all.  This has been a year of significant change for me, in many small but important ways, and my subconscious brain has been working overtime!

A good buddy and Uber-Smart money-making associate of mine Dave Shillito, has a great technique when he has a problem to solve – he speaks aloud “subconscious brain – go to work on it and give me a solution”. Then he carries on doing whatever he’s doing.

Craziest thing to watch I’m telling you!  But it works.

It set me thinking about why my head is buzzing these days – It’s buzzing with processing solutions to all the small changes that are going on my life right now.

The title of this blog post came from a 1970’s hit by my favourite band, Huey Lewis and The News”. See, I’ve got so used to the many changes going on in my life – I’d get totally screwed up if I had a day where nothing had to change.

My subconscious would have to come up with a change – just to keep me sane!

Back in the 1990’s when I was a working project manager, I had to deal with change on a regular basis.

But my point is, that the discipline of managing change in a project can be directly applied to ourselves.

Here is how I do it…

1. Log the change. –For you and I that means acknowledge that you need to change some aspect of your life.

2. Carry out an Impact Analysis.  — Think about, or write down, the impact if this change went ahead. The impact might be your time, or spending money, or learning new skills, etc, etc

3. Consider Options. — What action could you take to implement the change? For each option, how would the impact (above) change?

4. Recommended Option.  — Think through which option you would consider best (or tell your subconscious to go to work on it!)

5. Authorize. — Tell your subconscious of your decison.

6. Implement. — Do it and track your progress until the change is implemented. Go back to previous steps if you run into problems.

A good project manager will tell you that no matter how urgent the project (or task/activity/problem) is, you must give yourself time to sit down and create a plan first.

I guess this blog post is telling you just that…

Great project managers relish change and actively seek out ways to move their careers forward – HERE is a list of ideas to get YOU started!