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The Online Revolution


The Online Revolution

I wrote this blog five years ago, and decided to republish it today. It’s really nice to see that my predictions are a reality today – in fact they have become greater!

One Vital Aspect has changed though, and I will go into detail later in this blog – so keep reading!

The Online Industry Is Poised For $107 Billion. Now you’re talking – I want in! Better yet, they are prepared to pay you for it.

The Best Business!

A Digital Product Business is the ideal business in today’s economy. Digital Products, online learning and information products are set to become the world’s next TRILLION DOLLAR industry. Digital Products will be the TRILLION DOLLAR industry where regular people have the advantage.

IF YOU have something to teach or a book inside of you, then be a part of this particular moment in history while you can.

Do you have ANY idea what a ‘billion’ looks like – Yikes! What the heck is a ‘Trillion’? You could write them down, but how many suitcases would that fill? I’ll circle back around to that later.

The Online Revolution 1

Another considerable number – three billion. That’s how many people are online right now, searching for information you already know. Let’s stay with huge numbers. Right Now, there are 3 BILLION people online around the world …

It is life-changing when you realize folks are searching for what you already know right now in this very moment … These people don’t have time to waste figuring it out for themselves, and they will gladly pay YOU for it …

I want to show you the incredible number of people online right now searching for “what you ALREADY know.”

Stay with me here, as those high numbers can be misleading because they are ‘niche-within-a-niche’, but they make fascinating reading, don’t they?

The one that caught my eye is the key phrase ‘cakes for children’s parties’ since that is a ‘niche-within-a-niche-within-a-niche.’ And the 22 million searches for those terms or phrases happen every few seconds.

Are you starting to see the potential here?

Following the agricultural revolution came the Industrial Revolution, which ended during my father’s lifetime. Now, we have the digital revolution with an accelerating pace of change.

The statistics are humbling.

2.5 billion people own smartphones today, and this staggering statistic will swell to six billion by 2020. And it is these handheld tools that will dig a digital path to your digital product.

Now, I want to come onto The Online Revolution. You don’t need me to tell you about the internet, but like most folks, you may have missed the underlying power of what I am about to share with you.

Huge Numbers

The Online Revolution 2

Because there are Billions of people online, just about ANY topic will be searched for … NOT just the biggies such as weight loss, fitness, dating, and so on

The Online Revolution 3

17 MILLION searches! 22 MILLION searches! 38 MILLION searches! 2.5 MILLION searches! Someone is searching for these every few seconds! But LARGE numbers in small “niches-within-a-niche-within-a-niche.”

The above facts have beaten the path, laid the foundations and built the freeway for you and me to make significant income directly from the internet.

The Online Revolution 4

The Online Revolution – 1

To Become Successful, you need to understand four elements:
The Online Revolution
Become Financially Independent
Creating a “Must-Have” Digital Product
From Digital Product To Thriving Business

There have been THREE worldwide revolutions that changed people’s lives:
The Agricultural Revolution
The Industrial Revolution ….and NOW,
The Digital Revolution

The invention of computers and the internet has touched the lives of everyone on the planet. The pace of change is accelerating – your smartphone is millions of times more powerful than yesterday’s supercomputers.

More than 2.5 Billion people have smartphones today. More than SIX Billion people will have smartphones by 2020

The Online Revolution – 2

Apple have already sold over ONE BILLION iPad and iPhone devices. Over 2 BILLION people worldwide own personal computers. Over 3 Billion people have internet access. Everybody has a Digital Device in their hand today. They use their Digital Devices to learn about every topic you can imagine.

Which in turn, has allowed me, and now you, to become Financially Independent (this is far better than being “rich”, and if you let me, I will show you why …)

Info Product creation and marketing Digital Product Success

The Online Revolution 5

If your product can sell itself – it does its marketing. A proven formula for selling digital products online – works for:
Teaching products
Training products
Consulting products
How-to products
Local businesses

Only for people who are serious about building an online business and generating regular income
My system only works for those who implement it! … turn it into a book or a teaching program and have an online business?

Become Financially Independent

Have you ever wanted to write a book or teach a course? Have you ever wanted to take what you are interested in or passionate about? Bring your own life story.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an online business and work when and where you like? Online training/courses are perceived as more valuable!

Check out the following pictures and graphics. Notice that average folks like you and I have the most online success.

The Online Revolution 6

Was I a standout manager during my previous career? Nope. But I was good enough. Were there more talented managers than myself working in the company? Yep.

So, how did I have the brass balls to offer and sell information products to the management community? Simple. I got information and books on the subject. In other words, I became a student of the topics.

The Online Revolution 7

I presented this information in a more exciting and quickly learned way, using a step-by-step approach, and the rest, as they say, is history. It was there all the time – hiding in plain sight.

The Online Revolution 8

So, I will show you how you can take something you already know, based on skills and knowledge that you already have, and turn you from being just a consumer into a cash-creating producer.

What has changed in the 2020’s?

It seems hundreds of people are peddling “create and launch online training products and make passive income” That was never true as passive income supposes you do nothing, just sit back and watch the money roll in.

As with any business, it takes work upfront followed by maintenance and updates of your business on a regular basis.

So what has changed today? well, passive income is still bogus, but as the online market has matured and competition increased, you have to do more upfront research to chose your niche.

You need to both keep your niche reasonably broad, while at the same time, filling with products determined by a “niche-within-a-niche”. Here is an example.

I like building electric powered model aircraft. There is certainly a market for that. Detailed video-based training products of how to construct these would be a reasonable niche.

But if I was to set up a website marketing such courses, I would miss out on training for other model types, such as model boats, houses, 3D modelling, and so on …

By having a broader niche focus, it would enable me to create many different training videos under that niche.

So it’s not so easy “just to choose your passion”, you need to find market opportunities based on the difficulty to rank on Google for a key phrase plus the amount of competition for that niche keyword.

There are online tools to do this research, my favourite is

I am going to show how YOU can take something you know, … … some skills or knowledge that you have – yet don’t even realize they are VALUABLE to others… …and then turn it into a Digital Product that you can sell online … something you’re passionate about or … … something you’re interested in, or a hobby, or …

The “Secret” is – Just Do It!

The Online Revolution 9


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