The World is Still A Big Old Melting Pot….

The Worlds melting potBlue Mink’s biggest hit stated the same as the subject line above – not much has changed since the seventies though….

Politics is big in the news at the minute, eh?

Trump, Sanders, Camermoron, Corbyn, Europe, immigration, terrorism, global warming…

… dear me, but the world’s a mess, isn’t it?

Thing is… what do you do?

Easy: look after yourself and your loved ones, treat people decently, and don’t be a mean.

Think globally; act locally.

That’s about all you can do, because if you think voting for one party or the other is going to make a blind bit of difference then you’re an idiot.

As Charles Bukowski put it:

“The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting”


Politicians: same crap, just different bum-holes!




People look at me a bit funny when I tell them I don’t vote, or even agree with democracy as a form of government.

You know why that is?

It’s because many people are stupid and think democracy is something more than mob rule legitimized by the mob itself.

See, democracy means if 100 people go out for dinner and 51 of them vote ice cream for dessert, then everyone has to eat ice cream, even if the other 49 want sticky toffee pudding.

That’s democracy.

Only real democracy is worse, because if you insist on having sticky toffee pudding, then the 51 ice-cream eaters will get men with guns to force you to eat ice cream or be shot (because, ultimately, if you resist, then that’s what happens to you).

Here’s something for you to ponder: democracy always degenerates into dictatorship. If you think about how democracies work and how there is always a move towards ever greater powers of compulsion and control, then it’s easy to see why this is.

And it ain’t gonna change any time soon.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

None of us know how we’ve got on this earth (with rare exception), and we can’t change the world.

You don’t have much say in how long you’re here, but you have almost complete control of what you do in the time you’re walking above ground.

Dunno about you, but I want to make the most of the party while I’m still here (I guarantee I ain’t gonna lie on my deathbed and say I wish I’d had less sex, less fun, and less laughter, and spent more time being a miserable old git).


I can’t say. That’s your choice.

What I can say is this… if you’re a project manager wanting to get ahead of the pack, or better yet – work for yourself, then my ever-increasing range of video based management training is gonna get you there quicker…and give you financial dependence – donĀ“t rely on governments or banks looking after your future….

Even funnier than people who think democracy is a good idea are those idiots who think when civilization as we know it falls, a new and more compassionate world will emerge phoenix-like from the ashes.

It won’t.

The idea that the human psyche is “evolving” in some way is nonsense. Under the veneer of civilization we’re just as vicious and barbaric as we ever were.

Look anywhere in the world where law and order breaks down and see what happens.

And we’ll build the world over again much the same way we built it this time. The so-called “noble savage” is not noble, but he’s definitely savage.

Still, that’ll probably all happen long after you and I are dead.


So, while you’re still here to enjoy it… make hay while the sun shines while continuing to “do unto others as you would wish to be done by”

  • Dave
  • March 27, 2016

David spent 25 years as a senior project manager for USA multinationals, and has deep experience in project management. He now develops a wide range of project-related downloadable video training products under the Primer brand name. In addition, David runs project management training seminars across the world, and is a prolific writer on the many topics of project management.