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Find Out How To Design, Develop and Launch Your Own Original Video Salesletters From Start To Finish:


 “Create And Launch Instant Video Salesletters In Double Quick Time Without Any Previous Experience, No PowerPoint Knowledge and Zero Video Creation Skills…Guaranteed!”

From The Desk Of Dave Litten:

Welcome to my PowerPoint and Video Salesletter Creation System

Internet Marketer’s are switched on to the fact that old boring ‘long-form’ Sales Pages don’t cut the mustard any more – HOWEVER, just ONE well-designed video above the fold has more sales pulling power than an army of expensive copywriters.

youtubeYouTube is the Number TWO search engine behind Google, and using YouTube for video tuition, product or service sales, or to communicate any video message – is a key skill that you *must* learn!

Trouble is, how do you create a PowerPoint set of slides, record them, and launch them on your sales site create a money-spinning video in the first place?

As the proud creator of my Project Management Primer video training series, I already knew how to master PowerPoint slides and video creation software, but also because I have a thriving YouTube channel, and have always regularly created high quality video uploads as added value for my students.

I get several emails a month asking to explain how I create my videos and harness the power of PowerPoint slides, so I hit upon the idea of creating a product that teaches these skills to anyone!

I won’t waste your time. I know you want a simple, instant solution for creating and launching your own website video salesletters and I can give you just that. And best of all, if you say yes today, you can get it for my rock bottom introductory price of just £17.00

Learn How To Do these In Minutes …

Sales_video_powerpoint_slidesMy easy step-by-step approach to creating your own professional-quality PowerPoint slide set – in just 17 minutes!

You’ll learn:

  • PowerPoint Basic Layout and Formatting
  • Using fast-track Text boxes
  • Creating Headlines and Footers
  • Optimum layout and text dimensions
  • Animation Secrets
  • Fast-track slide duplication




Bullet points on their own are not enough to grab and maintain your prospect’s attention, you will want to include appropriate graphics and be able to fade and dissolve when required.

In under 20 minutes, I’ll show you how to:

  •  Apply Animations
  • Create sequences
  • Use graphics and power animation
  • Apply text and graphics layering



camtasia_video_saleslettersCamtasia is a powerful tool for on-screen video capture – but ALL you need to know are the key techniques to create your sales page video quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

So you’ll learn that from me in less than 13 minutes flat! Watch, as I show you the skills needed for:

  • Setting up in Camtasia
  • Recording in Camtasia
  • Editing in Camtasia
  • Rendering in Camtasia


So Why Am I Only Charging £17.00 For All This?

Truth be told, I should be asking for much more.

But there is a reason I kept the price so low. This is the first time I have made this available to the public, and so this is a way for me to get a feel of how much demand I have for this.

Plus it will allow me to get testimonials from satisfied users which I can then place on this page. That alone will enable me to be able to raise the price.

Finally, I want you to become a customer of mine for life. What better way than to give you a really killer deal? That will make you much more likely to consider future products I plan on releasing.

A Bonus To Make This Purchase A No-Brainer!

I know the easiest way to make a sale is to give you 10 times more value for your small investment than you can get anywhere else.

So to make sure you’re getting at least 10 times the value today, I’ve arranged for you to have access to this previously unavailable time-limited bonus:

My Internet Marketer’s Video Salesletter Powerpoint Template:

To give you a head start in creating your Video Salesletters, I’m going to include a PowerPoint Slide Template Presentation already done for you – so you can fast-track your video creation, saving you hours of your precious time and effort – because the sooner you get your Salesletter videos on line, the sooner you’ll start making money

I give you the main elements of a general video sales letter – all you have to do is edit it to suit your own product!


Now you can be up and running in minutes and ready to record your videos!

Simple. You get to create your PowerPoint slides in no time flat because I’ve done all the formatting for you!

Simply open up my template inside MS PowerPoint, and just edit the text. If you want to, go ahead and change the slide sequence, or add graphics as well if you wish.

Why You Risk Absolutely Nothing!

my_iron_clad_guaranteeIf you’re like me, you hate having to risk even a penny on a speculation.

I don’t want you to risk anything when you say yes to my offer today. So I’m going to extend to you a 30 day, no-questions asked, money back guarantee.

Here’s how it works. For any reason (or no reason at all) you decide this product isn’t for you in the next 30 days, simply contact me and let me know. I’ll refund every penny of your purchase promptly and without question.

With that in mind, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

So What Will It Be?

Yes! Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To My PowerPoint And Video Creation System

I Want To Download This Immediately Before The Price Goes Up!

I understand I’ll be downloading the entire Video Salesletter Creation System for a tiny one-time payment of just $37 when I act now!

I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a 30-day money-back guarantee if I’m unsatisfied in anyway.

Get It Here for Only £17!


Pay Now And Get Immediate Access To My Video Salesletter Creation System – order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

Stay Focused!



P.S. Remember, this is an introductory offer, so the price is likely to increase at any time. So don’t delay, act now to get your hands on my Website Salesletter Video creator, and my limited time bonus PowerPoint Salesletter Templates.

Remember, there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Can you afford to pass up on these secrets and be kicking yourself later for not taking action?

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