November 4

A single step into PRINCE2 – why not?


It´s that time of year again, Spanish November.

Staring out of my office window ….hhmmm bit of a wind blowing, no sitting poolside today, and it got me thinking about why, after decades, I still find project management intriguing.

I´m a geeky engineer by trade, so when I crashed into project management in my late twenties I was struck how it all seemed so, I dunno, chaotic.

I needed a formula I thought, at least some framework. No seat of the pants flying for me I decided.

Who was it who said a journey starts with a single step? So at least if project management doesn’t float your boat its just one step back to fooling with Facebook – what´s to lose?

I´ve met plenty of folks starting out on their journey to learn a best practice framework – PRINCE2 in my case. It gave me confidence that I was almost project manager crash-proof.

So I wrote a short PRINCE2 intro blog – I did not want to teach – just give you a five-minute casual stroll – have a muse, have a scratch, you might like it – I did for about three decades!

I´ll be publishing more of these intro blogs on PRINCE2 so keep your eyes peeled …

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