August 5

My brain gets bigger in the sun!


My brain gets bigger in the sun! 1

I knew it all along – get yer vitamins by laying in the sun. At last something positive to do with the suns rays. And exercise has been found to grow thousands of brain cells after only a few days leading to better recollection of memories, plus older folks get nimbler brains and prevents dementia.

Here in Spain, the afternoon siesta is quite natural, and now scientists say that boosts brain power too.

Crazy sounding stuff like the smell of newly mowed grass improves memory, and dark chocolate, plus eating cold meats for breakfast stimulates the brain. Whatever next?

Let me tell you. Playing Tetris on your computer on a daily basis improves your critical thinking.

So I’m off now to chill on my patio with my laptop and a ham sandwich for starters and a large cadbury’s fruit and nut for sweet.

So, how do YOU improve your memory? Learn new skills and apply them to enhance your career, that’s how!

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….while I stir my memory for Eric Clapton licks…

My brain gets bigger in the sun! 2


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