November 15

The Not So Brilliant Mind


Yesterday Was A Good Day. It was a Catharsis, a Tipping Point. Whatever. I get so used to giving advice that sometimes I forget to take it.

Enter my clever nephew (Nick of He must be one of the best IBM/AS400 consultants on the planet.

And we were talking of some web site changes I needed, and the conversation turned to what the heck am I doing, which direction am I heading, etc, etc.

So here I was, back in my beloved Spain for the week, my wife packing and ironing for another intensive set of training seminars in the UK – Kent next week, then London, then Leeds, then……eventually crashing into Christmas…

I’ve got 4 or 5 website projects in various states of completion, and my mind was flitting from problem to problem.

As a project manager, I should have known better…Oh, I had the “To Do” Lists going on – but I haven’t made the time recently to sit down and devise a strategic plan.

Simple stuff here really.

Mentoring is getting a much needed revival on the Internet right now, the global financial situation is causing much change in peoples lives – some for the good, some for bad.

As my nephew gave me a gentle bit of “advice” as well as swift action I might add….I sudenly realised I was being “mentored”

It’s not that the mentor is clever and you are stupid – just that a different perspective can be determined.

Also remember the old saying “a trouble shared is a trouble halved”? Yeah – it still works. I’d swap a pound of knowledge for an ounce of common-sense any day!

There are some interesting pieces of software out there that can help you “project manage” your life. One you should install right now – even if only for a week or so is HERE.

This little gem logs how you spend your time on the PC – so you can become more effective. Too many hours on CNN or answering email? – cut down on the time-stealers!

There’s other stuff too – you need to decide, but to get you started, how about:

Or maybe you need to outsource some of the clutter in your business life – particularly if like me, you run your own business.

English speaking collage grads are probably better than you at techie stuff, and for as little as $10/hour – you should check out:

“Real results and success come from sustained implementation of simple actions over time”

Now let’s see if I can take a large spoonful of my own medicine!

Speak Soon.

Want learning medicine that tastes good? Hop on over HERE!

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