November 24

Recession – Proof?


You may know that I live in Spain and work from time to time in the UK. I’m in a London hotel as i write. Foolishly, I have asked for a daily paper to be delivered to my room.

After several days, I feel quite depressed.

The Newspapers just love crisis – doom and gloom all over their pages. TV is just the same.

When I get my UK business done and return to Spain, I’m sure I’ll feel like living again!

But history teaches us that the greatest changes come from crisis. Maybe we all got a bit complacent – it’s not just the greedy bankers…

Now, I’m at risk of loosing my house as much as anybody — but looking toward the Internet as a source of income is an opportunity waiting to happen for just about anybody.

Sure you need a computer and the basics. But you also need something more powerful.

The urge to suceed. If you read the papers, there’s a good chance your brain will tell you “no – it wouldn’t work for me”

But if you have are prepared to learn, watch, listen, and adapt, the world as they say, is your e-Oyster!

Anyone reading this should check out eBay for a start, get to know how it works, try selling something of your own. Get your feet wet – experience the thrill of the chase.

Ther’s a whole world of scams out there — put “make money online” into Google and you’ll see. But ther’s also more folks than you can imagine quietly making the mortgage payments – and more – online.

Have an Interesting Day.

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