August 4

Total Parent Pleasure


Dave Litten and Family - The Litten Clan!

Okay, so I was 64 years old a few days ago. “Will you still love me, will you still need me, when I’m 64” goes the well-known Beatles song. And I used to think it was only other folks that got old…

But my two of my wonderful children, Robert and Carina, managed to find time in their busy lives to fly over to Monte Pego and stay with in our villa. And to put icing on my cake – my uber-hero nephew Nick flew in from the USA and my good ‘ole buddy Gerry flew in from the UK.

10 short days of absolute pleasure for me I can tell you! And suddenly 64 years old was just another number. It doesn’t get any better than this…

I found I could just absorb the almost palpable pleasure of just being with them, ‘hanging out’ I think my son calls it. As I drove them back to the airport I felt a sense of loss until I reminded myself what a lift they had given my life, and hey! we can do this again real soon…and again…and again….


*cough* Some years later, I am still priveleged to have my family over – here we are again in 2019:

Total Parent Pleasure 1


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