November 30

Web Sites – The New Job Application


This will be brief.

Sell and Market Yourself.

If you need to get a new job, then use the Internet.

Okay, so do the usual stuff – local agency, job interviews, etc…

So maybe you’re not the very best at what you do. No Problem. Most of us aren’t.

I had a great career surrounded by others who where “better” than me. But I survived. Take a respected profession – for example Judges. Phew – what a responsibility.

Were they coached from birth. No. They may have had some advantages over you and I – but strip them down naked – give them a beer (or whatever), and stand you and them together.

Start Talking.

Ignore accents. Ignore education. Listen. They are just talking life experience – as are you….

That’s why the Editor of a Daily Paper wields the power they do – just an opinion…

The best people I have ever employed are those who did TWO things well… Listen Up.

They MANAGED CHANGE AND THEY MANAGED RISK. If you’ve got this – you’ve got potential !!!!

And consider this….

Online. Looks Professional. Looks entrepreneurial.

Can you make a simple one-page web site?

Can you purchase a domain name?

Can you “market yourself online”?

Could you write some articles or blogs?

Or none of the above.

Check out online agencies

Check out Chat Rooms

Check out Forums

Check out countries that are looking for skills that you have (even if for a temporary time).

Case Study.

My clever-dick nephew just moved to the USA, in advance of his move he put a few “feelers” out regarding the fact that he was pretty darned good at a certain IBM system. He arrived in the USA and within 1 week had a well paying job in a “backwoods” part of the good ‘ole USA. He’s not in any way affected by the Recession – even though it originated in the USA…

Suppose you are currently in the UK. Your Job is on the line or has gone. Consider the following options:

1. Claim redundancy (do it – you’re entitled!)

2. Get on whatever job-seeker initiative you can

3. MEANWHILE. Use the internet and Google to market yourself.

4. Do you have anything of value to sell? Use Ebay – a few hundred may keep the wolf from the door for a month…You will be surprised what others value…

5. Have a reasonable reputation with a Bank? Pay off all your high-interest-rate credit cards by taking out a bank loan at a sensible rate over a reasonable period of time.

QUESTION. Would you be prepared to spend each week away from your family and home to keep paying your mortgage?

Think outside The Box. So you are unemployed – too proud to stack shelves, deliver letters, become a labourer for a few weeks…keep your loved ones in a home….Of course you would.

You Betcha!

Don’t be a victim — be a survivor–don’t blame others (banks, etc) —ACT

A buddy of mine has taken a job away from his family in Dubai (did you know India is growing like crazy right now – particularly in IT?), and meets up with his wife and child every few months – but his house, his mortgage, his family, his life is intact.

What a Hero — What a Free Thinker.

Well Done Les.

Surviving is not living in poverty – it’s Changing Your Perspective And Changing Your Perception – even temporary…

Stop reading Newspapers and turning on the TV news. Just focus on what skills you have or potentially have, and keep flexible.

Think of your day as having a money value, and what activities have a money value.

TV = zero.

Reading the daily Paper – let’s say the Daily Mail.

Getting irate over unfair taxes, immigration, unruly teenagers, politicians getting unfair advantages, pop stars sleeping with everyone, sports stars earning millions, local councils screwing up, political parties opinions, etc…’s all a smokescreen for the next generation of “sheep” that’s you brother and sister…!!!!

Notice when it’s a slow day for news – articles and pictures from their archive fill the blank pages. Notice how much “OPINION” they give – rather than “News”. Just like Banks and politicians – they are just there to influence your life.

Back to you.

Make a list of your life skills, knowledge and experience = £££$$$priceless!!

Be prepared to temporary work harder and longer at a lower wage if necessary. The only folks who will fail are those who roll over and play dead….

And by the way. Read my previous Blog entry for those who are *really* flexible…..

And if all this sounds like so much horse manure – then just change the way you think and act in the light of your current situation.

Huge change comes as a result of Huge Problems.

This Recession Is A Human Soup Of Potential – Go Find Your Recipe….

This Could Be Your Moment — And Mine.

PS. X Factor is playing in the background. I’m not watching it. Notice the Opinion. The Passion. The Mindbending. Your Mind and Emotions Being Bent.. Influence on your life = ZERO.

Turn The Bloody Thing Off.

Sorry for The Language.

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