September 9

Say Hello to My Little Steel Hip Friend


Say Hello to My Little Steel Hip Friend

Sometimes, the universe acts against you or teaches you a lesson.

A little over a year ago, on a long straight road, I had indicated left and patiently waited at the junction for incoming traffic to clear. A truck driver doing around 80 must have been texting on his phone because he ploughed straight into the back of my stationary car.

The force was so great my car was pushed and twisted some 25 feet down the road. The vehicle’s roof had to be cut off so we could be taken to hospital.

During the five seconds while the crash was happening, my kneecaps received most of the damage, and since then, I occasionally fall. All that happened 5 days before my birthday…

Fast forward to some 40 days ago (this time ONE DAY before my birthday, and my left kneecap decided to give way as I walked down a flight of stone steps. I then fell 10 feet onto concrete, completely shattering my left hip.

Ten painful days in hospital and 36 metal stitches later, while my family had come over to celebrate my birthday, the ambulance got me home three hours after they all left for their flight home.

At the time of writing, I can only get around by using my Walker along with my new friend – a replacement steel hip.

Say Hello to My Little Steel Hip Friend

I can tell you it is a humbling experience going to the bathroom while depending on others to carry out simple ablutions!

I hobble about each day to exercise my new hip joint and hope to recover in a few months.

Until then, my window to the world is by writing blogs like this.

Onwards and upwards.


My Little Steel Hip Friend

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