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Schrödinger’s Immigrant


Schrödinger’s Immigrant

If you reside in Europe right now, I’m sure you know that Immigrants have been popping up in the news lately.

They’re all that’s wrong in the world, and if only we could stop them from coming over here, everything would be all right.

Of course, this is all complete nonsense.

Apart from anything else, the idea of someone being an immigrant is bizarre. Ultimately we are all immigrants from Africa if you go back far enough.

But even without going to those ridiculous extremes, it’s apparent that we all come from somewhere other than where we are now, and often not even that long ago.

Whatever. This is all irrelevant.


Because the last time I checked, Earth’s only borders and divisions are manufactured.

A few centuries ago, the largest unit of human habitation was a town or a large city; fast forward a few centuries, and you’re probably looking at city-states like Athens and ancient Sparta.

The idea of countries and the necessity of passports and other paperwork is relatively new.

More to the point, it’s an abomination.

I see no reason for human beings not to be allowed free passage and to work and settle anywhere they please so long as they support themselves, their families, and any others who depend upon them.

See, the real problem is not immigrants.

The real problem is freeloaders.

And I will be the first person to say that no one should get a free meal ticket to go and live anywhere at others’ expense. Anyone who can work but chooses not to can starve for all I care.

But even this does not plumb the depths of rank bigotry and stupidity.

Schrödinger’s Immigrant is a real thing.

Schrödinger’s Immigrant is a strange creature who can:

Live in a country and sponge off the state.

And at the same time, steal jobs from the indigenous population.

Good Grief, but that’s clever.

And maybe I’m seeing this wrong, but it seems IF you are so ineffective, unskilled, and unemployable, your job can be snatched away by someone who has no friends, contacts, money, or history, and quite likely a poor command of the native language…

Then you are pretty useless and don’t deserve a job in the first place.

Here’s my take: I agree that no one should get handouts and special treatment – but other than that, anyone should be allowed to live anywhere so long as they’re paying their way.

In other words, I’m cool with as many immigrants of whatever race, colour, or religion who want to come and live alongside me, so long as I’m not expected to kowtow to their faith and social mores or pay for their upkeep (or anyone else’s, for that matter, whether they’re an immigrant or a native.

I’m not above giving people a hand up, but I’m rabidly opposed to handouts to anyone).

How difficult is that?

Some people get offended by my straight-talking nature. And that’s fine. Just remember, when you tell me you’re offended, what you’re saying, in effect, is, “I have had an emotional reaction to something you have said, and I want you to deal with it for me”.

Sorry, but it’s not that kind of party.

I do live my life treating others as I wish to be treated. I give generously to charities, particularly those for sick folks and distressed animals.

We should all help others when they need a hand-up in life for no fault.

Wherever my gene pool originated from, I have a natural bent to teach my brothers and sisters worldwide with my project management training products (I sell to 120 different countries or regions).

As I type, I am reminded that, of course, I am an immigrant myself. It’s true. I am a Brit living here in wonderful Spain (not to mention, 100 years ago, my family emigrated from Germany). My wife, Jude, is from the Philippines.

But I am sure dear reader, that you are an individual who is a net producer in both your business and personal life. So if you’re considering investing in my Project Management Masterclass Series, you’d best to grab your copy now!

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